This time the company has the libertine nature of materialistic conceptions promulgated against the man with the intent to empty of all meaning the word "shame", despite the sin remains an offense to God, an affront to reason, an attack consciousness and a crime for the soul.

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Conversion requires convincing of sin

Proponents argue that the conceptual sin is to be considered a historical artifact to be placed in the obscurantist past, now, in times of progress; it is fair and lawful to gratify every lust freely without regard to morality.
Well, can you claim to have seen a murderess joyful, happy to make an adulterer and his wife love to gather a sower of hate?

The Ten Commandments are not prohibitions laid down by an austere God and eager to impose its law, but a warning of what away from him, the good, happiness. In fact, observing the Ten Commandments there is the opportunity to avoid harassment, deception, exploitation, gossip and a whole series of acts which would have a positive reflection for all of society. Moreover, it is known that the vanity, sensuality, attachment to the comforts and pleasures lead to insensitivity at first and then the pride, avarice, anger, lust, sloth, sloth that if repeated habitual actions, generate defects, perverse inclinations and slavery. Each disorder has thus origin as a passion, combined with lust, softens the light of the intellect.

It is painful to deride, offend, steal because they lead to that result reflects the level of nastiness that's selfishness. Serious deficiencies are carnal and spiritual, of thought, speech that obscure, disturbing, upsetting and weaken the soul. Without doubt the most treacherous, the grass is more pride because the light takes away the soul, corrupts the judgment, the league so extravagant with money, and greed, love is human chains, does he find delight in thorns that torture.

A shame to highlight is the "scandal" that leads others to commit a mortal sin with incalculable harm to their souls. The words of the Gospel truth should make us reflect who is in sin: "Woe to the man through whom they come! It would be better for him that were hanged about his neck a millstone, and to be drowned in the depths of the sea".
(cf. Mt 18, 6-7).

There is, besides the deadly sins and mortal sins, venial sin, which, despite being the result of a slight lack causes a deviation from a true morality, weakens charity, and hinders the progress of the soul, if it is repeated, attacks the will and prepares to mortal sin. Sin, it is good highlight, is essentially an offense against God, love, love.
It is written: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these".
(Mk 12, 31).

It will be well, therefore, prevent the passions to turn off the light of faith and thus be free to question the conscience on the shortcomings, as blameless act depends solely on our will. Need to rid him of the vanity and lies. Care should be taken with the understanding of what is right and wrong and follow the words of Jesus: "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect". (Mt 5, 48), however, to acquire the virtues and flaws should get the win on the spiritual ascent.

For this we should not listen to those who shall be the guarantor of God's mercy, because its sole purpose is to make us abandon the path of sin for a conversion to love. Not put off till tomorrow what can be done presently. We take as our companion and the fear of God less. It is known that sin away from love, from the good and virtue, so if you want to restore the union with God, we must implement a sincere contrition.


Connect with yourself and consider that mortal sin is an enormous evil, and you cannot deny knowing him. Often I have said that sin is the worst evil that can be done, since it is the bearer of malice almost infinite dishonor, offend God and embittered.
However you rebelled against despising the friendship of God, you have disrespected and troubled heart! Did you set the challenge: "Why should I listen to your voice? I do not know you and you do not want to serve".
Your behavior expresses the common thought: "Lord, you invite me to live according to Thy law, however, I want to live as I please. I want to get my fill, and for this I do not listen".

Ah, wretched, poor and blind! You, as you can cause so many injuries to the Lord? After all, what harm you have done and why it will offend in this way? Tell me, what he could do more for your own good? He who has given you many talents, who has chosen you as a friend and also as a child, how do you exchange? With sin and injury! Do not you think that others, if they received your own Thank you, I would have paid with much fervor?

For the offense to a Christian God is a horrible outrage. You commit yourself to that you had to defend God from many violations of the world, you who had to lead by example to his other love, how dare you be offended? Not once but repeatedly, and have incited others to do so.

Ah what malice! Ah, what ingratitude! Oh what treachery! You were not worthy of His grace and enlightenment, but he deserved all the condemnation I have endured. Now the Almighty is calling you to repentance, and you will continue to offend him?