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The truth will set you free


Truth and freedom

Truth frees the soul and releases it from the shackles of doubt.
Truth is manifested in the various aspects of life, but above all in morality. The truth, which can be obtained through biblical study and a path of faith that challenges our most deeply rooted beliefs, but it is precisely through this journey of discovery that we can hope to reach an authentic and lasting freedom.

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You will know the truth and the truth will set you free

Our whole life should be based on God's truths, because we don't need anything else, except to know this same truth that must be sought in the Bible. It is too important if we want to be free, because the knowledge of the truth will enlighten us about the errors of sin ("my mouth will proclaim the truth, and my lips will abhor impiety" Prv 8,7), it will free us from the slavery of sin, ("the law of the Spirit of life in Jesus Christ will free me from the law of sin and death" Rom 8:2) and finally will lead us to true inner freedom, as the quoted passage from John reminds us.

To arrive at the true truth, however, we must overcome any falsehood, fortify and prepare our mind and soul for combat, aware and comforted that in doing so we will be supported by the knowledge and help of God. To seek the truth we must diligently scrutinize the scriptures, because God's truth is what protects us and what gives us hope for the future. With all the false news that circulates, the idolatries and easy corruptions that surround us, the truth can only come from Jesus Christ: "I am the way, the truth and the life".
(Jn 14:6).

How many times have we heard that God will never send anyone to hell, that we will all be saved, because God is good and would not do such a thing? They are right only because the god they speak of does not exist, it is only a "conviction" that they have created to live comfortably; that god exists only in their imagination.

Some, lying primarily to themselves, rework, reinterpret, revise the truth to make it pleasant and suitable for justifying any of their actions; but by reinterpreting the facts and watering down the truth, they twist the situation to serve their own purposes, and not in pursuit of the truth. Deviating the authenticity of the Word, even partially, is equivalent to lying: the truth must be told completely, otherwise it is a lie.

“Six things the Lord hates, seven he cannot stand: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood; heart that weaves evil plots, feet quick to run to evil; the false witness who spreads lies, who causes quarrels among the brothers”.
(Prv 6, 16-19).

Words, whether read or written, cannot be distorted: a lie told and disclosed will have a life of its own and the effects cannot be stopped or reversed. "Beware of false prophets".
(Mat. 7:15).

Beware of yourselves, Jesus Christ exhorts us, from associating with all those people who use lies, both in their words and in their actions: nothing is more unworthy than the fact of thinking one thing and say or do another, without worrying about the harmful consequences, the falsehoods and corruptions that will derive from this, fueling an infinite number of other evils. Many are those who lie either out of pride, or to ruin people or to lazily please others; but whichever way you look at them, lies are infinitely hateful and can lead people to ruin.

Let's not delude ourselves, God will not let all of this pass on Judgment Day: we will find ourselves faced with all the injustices we have committed and we will have to account for them. And then, what will be the use of these falsehoods, which we have used during our life?

We must never get used to lying, because once this habit is formed, it is very difficult to eradicate it; we need to be sincere in everything we say and do, from the smallest thing to the greatest. If we get to know God and his Word and put it into practice in our lives, when satan comes and tries to deceive us to destroy us, he will be shamed and defeated.

We must overcome falsehood with the truth by seeking the truth for ourselves, we must learn how to speak the truth frankly. Starting with us: let's start by always telling the truth, let's stop changing reality to our advantage, let's stop inventing things that make us appear right and correct, better than we are, when instead we know we were wrong.

Jesus said: "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (Jn 13:35). We must speak the truth and we must state it with love. This is the way it should be for all of us too, so let's overcome the falsehood by starting with seeking the truth, speaking the truth, working in the truth.

What is killing the Church's credibility today are precisely those people who, while remaining in the Church, do not live in the faith, but lead a double life: they have their own dimension of belonging to the Church, to religious life, then they also have the life that they lead into the world. And the world sees this inconsistency, sees the inaccuracy and lack of integrity of their lives. Why should he welcome that message they launch from their pulpits, if practically those who propagate it live the same way? Where is the difference?

"I have no greater joy than this, to know that my children walk in truth".
(3 Jn 1:4).

God wants us to walk in it, he doesn't want us to just study the truth or tell the truth, but to live in the truth, being honest with ourselves and honest with God.