God hears

Hear the prayers


In the immensity of his love
God not only listens to our prayers, but he welcomes with infinite patience every word, every thought and every desire that sprouts in the secret garden of our hearts. When we turn to Him, we do so with pure faith and deep humility, aware that His wisdom and mercy are limitless.

Our prayer thus becomes a silent dialogue with the Infinite, a bridge between the finite and the infinite, between our heart and the heart of God.

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God hears my prayers

Does God Listen When You Pray? The Bible assures us that God listens to those who address him in the right way, adore him and sincerely seek him" Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if anyone hears my voice and opens me, I will come in to him" (Rev 3:20). If you are distracted or take other paths, the Lord will still make himself felt through discontent and discomfort. If, on the other hand, God knocks and is heard, one must not delay but must immediately allow him to enter. The prerequisite for opening the door to him is repentance of one's sins, since sin is the thief of joy that plunges one into unhappiness through selfishness, pride and wrong habits.

Prayer allows you to follow that path which, through the light of God operating within the heart, allows you to free your mind from the mists of human pettiness, to see and evaluate clearly your own experience. Continuing the journey, the dormant conscience will awaken and begin to obey that voice that invites us to listen to the whispers of the spirit deep inside. We must pray to God that, through repentance, he will help unmask all the evils that disturb this journey, make us unhappy and block the way that leads to Him.

Prayer is not only an extraordinary means of conversion, but also pure energy for the spirit, indispensable nourishment for strengthening the will to conform to what God requires and expects from each one. On the other hand, God wants to grant the pleas for healing from physical and spiritual ailments, from bad habits, from serious negligence, from spiritual laziness, from selfishness and from pride, but He waits for these pleas to be pleaded with perseverance, in a way to show him one's good will, trust and the hope of being heard. Correctly recited prayer should ignite the inner flame which bears fruit; the more prayer is transformed into love, the more the horizons of God's love will open towards every creature and the greater the urgency to let oneself be invaded by this love.

Prayer acts slowly and silently in the deepest hiding places of the mind and heart, but it is so effective that it protects from the darkness of the world so that they do not surprise and blind one's intelligence. The effectiveness of prayer depends on the constancy and fervor of love for Jesus; only in this way does it allow one to reach the highest degrees of perfection, to pursue one's faith in God, to obtain the strength to face problems and oppose all temptations. So this is the way to get inner peace and all the help for daily needs.

God said to Solomon: "Ask me what you want me to give you." While having the ability to ask for anything, peace, wealth and a successful life without anguish, Solomon surprisingly asked for a docile heart and the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong, and was promptly granted by God.

If this request had been made personally to each of us today, what would the requests have been? Probably an easy life without problems, wealth and everything that satisfies one's desires. Deep down, however, everyone perceives that to be happy it is not enough to have what one wants, because true happiness derives from the possession of the truth, that is, of wisdom and conscience, which are the only goods given by God to those who seek it. Therefore one must not ask God to fulfill one's desires, but that one always fulfills his will in all one's projects and that the path taken to realize the dream of eternity becomes reality.

Prayer is essentially a divine invitation which must be answered with the strength that secretly flows from the depths of the heart and can become the window through which we can contemplate a glimpse of eternal life. In prayer it is possible to find that mysterious impulse secretly poured out by Jesus, which pushes with power towards his heart: by praying assiduously, his darts of fire will not take long to arrive in his intimate heart, that mysterious force that precedes the Word.

The essence of prayer is to communicate with God in the most natural and spontaneous way possible; the act of praying must be transformed into an intimate, living, sincere and profound relationship with God, through which to manifest desires and hopes not exclusively with gestures and words, but also with a silent dialogue expressed with thought and heart without any words . When prayer is transformed into love, one sees the horizon of love that God has for each one and it becomes a pressing need to let oneself be invaded by what God transmits to the soul. Through his unknown channels, God will teach humility, strengthen faith, bring peace, and inflame one's inner self more and more. Listening to God is the essence of prayer, because it means learning to immerse yourself within your conscience to discover the depths of God's will and manage your life in the light of God's will.

The prayer of the heart is to descend into the depths of oneself to meet God himself, remaining in his presence for a long time. Saint Teresa of Avila assures us that "the prayer of the heart is like a spark of God's true love, which the Lord begins to kindle in the soul".

«What more do you want or soul? Why do you still seek outside yourself, since you have within you your riches, your satisfaction, your abundance, your kingdom, that is, the Beloved?” (St. John of the Cross); «Like a torrent that rushes into the ocean and sweeps away all that it has found in its path, so, my Jesus, the soul that sinks into the ocean of your love, attracts with itself all the treasures that possesses»
(St. Theresa of Lisieux).