Prayer is the soul's life. Prayer is needed in the difficulties encountered in the path of earthly life. Often at these times we feel weak and our strength falters prayer as a source to our aid and quenches our thirst.

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Prayer and praise

Prayer can do anything because it draws the power of Jesus; the only requirement is faith and the involvement of the heart. Christ invites us to pray to God tirelessly and assiduously. He desires to transform us through prayer, to launch out beyond the human nature and make the change for spiritual growth.

If it is true that life depends on the strength of our thought, by force of will and impulse of the heart, it is important to know that through the prayer of union is possible to find the sap that strengthens the mind, the will and the reasons for the heart. It can eliminate every doubt, every concern, every fear, every selfish through the fire of divine love.

Prayer is conversation with God, because through the words, involves the heart in the heat of love. This is the essence which is to be found in the silence of the mind, because you can leave through the quiet flow from the heart the feelings, the emotions that God has placed. The lazy, narrow-minded, hardened hearts will be in prayer boredom, fatigue, distraction, and will fail to perceive its usefulness.

Conversely, for the brave, for who knows how to love, prayer is like the sun with rays, the fog dissipates, free to roam over the eyes that God has created new horizons for their delight. Then, over time, the prayers become like a river in flood, and overwhelm with force the banks of our selfishness, our pettiness. Directs our thoughts to praise, to thank God for the innumerable benefits.

We all need to heal from spiritual laziness, selfishness, pride, sin, from weaknesses. We must implore our beloved Jesus to accord to our aid, because only He can heal us and transform us in the new man of whom the Gospel.

Prayer should not only ask, but can be a prayer of adoration, praise, thanksgiving to establish an inner relationship alive, honest, deep, with God's heart, in prayer, to express those feelings that words cannot express. Moreover, when the prayer merges with that of Jesus to the Father, then it becomes a cry of supplication that stirs the sky.

The cry of the heart should not be a desperate cry launched into space, but through prayer must become the engine of life, must produce a powerful spiritual impetus. Must feed the flame that burns in your heart and push the way of true love. Jesus invited us to pray continually for our salvation, to give us the joy that passes through his union is the bridge between heaven and earth.

The influence of evil, injustice, servitude to the god of money, now reigns in the world. Prayer can fight evil and create a new life expectancy.

The power of prayer is enormous because it involves praying and all humanity. Its light can extend up to enlighten all generations give witness to God in every corner of the world.

If your heart beats with love for our brothers in need who are gripped by suffering, loneliness or are immersed in the darkness of sin, pray for them from your home with us. If you want to know more about this intercessory prayer, made by a virtual group, visit the website of the "Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity" and you'll find a family with a heart that beats with love and who will welcome you with open arms. There is no cost or obligation of any kind.