The Word saves


As rain and snow come down from heaven and return not thither but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so is the word that goes from my mouth: it shall not return to me empty, without having done what I want and without having done the thing for which I sent it.
(Is 55,10-11).

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Source of life

The Word of God enlightens the soul and gives the reasons for living and the light to guide the steps on the path of life. The word encapsulates a treasure, the Word is profound and cannot and should not be read superficially as any newspaper or adventure book, but it should be read with reflection, almost ruminated intellect to seek enlightenment in meditation and the hidden meaning. The Word of God is essentially love and his love of reading is the key, it is he who can remove the veil and reveal fully the Holy Scriptures, whose depth exceeds human intelligence, because the essence is divine. In these very profound words God, in truth, teaches us to live in dignity, to discover its many gifts that are in us.

You should hear the Word of God and then let it flow like water on rock, with nothing to assimilate. Such an attitude shows a serious problem of spiritual instruction that we absolutely bridge, since ignorance is the bitter enemy of faith. It is understood that to understand and enjoy the Word must get used to listening through a deep inner silence, that God uses the voice of conscience. That's why the voice of the Almighty cannot be heard from the hurried, the superficial, distracted by.

For they would not be enough even a voice as powerful as the rumble of thunder in them and so the word goes out and drying up, it becomes useless. In reading it is therefore necessary humility and willingness to accommodate each illumination promptly, understand every little movement of the heart that signals the presence of God And it is this inner silence at the appropriate time for the divine light will illuminate a move to address a concern. In this light we will feel that God has spoken.

Sometimes the Word illuminates the mind and awakens desire, guiding the steps to enter into communion with the faith and love with God, however, is to get rid of false humility, and to look at the talents that He has given us, just so grateful that we will be able to turn that passes through the gift of ourselves to inflame his love. In darkness, the intelligence is tortuous, it remains an end in itself incapable of offering any support for the needs of the soul, cannot find a safe route in the flow of existence. For this reason it is necessary to draw on both hands the Word of God, the fountain of all wisdom of life eternal, forever and come forth that no human being will ever dry up.

Nor should we forget that we must acknowledge our unworthiness way down before the greatness of God to receive His forgiveness. The same word is able to cleanse and heal all misery. Meditated every day, can mould us and make us become mature. God requires nothing, not even a possible cure you, but for the free must not deceive myself if the Word of God does not have any result for me, does not leave any trace, if not reverberate in my heart, for it requires greater maturity. This is the time to take a serious way and ask the Holy Spirit to bring down your blazing fire on my will; to guide me in search of the love of God will to leave his beloved creatures the right to accept His loving help.