Holy Spirit


The Spirit comes, if it can come.
The Spirit does not come if it is not expected.
The Spirit is obsequious to my freedom.

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Holy Spirit and Adoration

John seems to teach that for Jesus himself the gift of the Spirit is conditioned by prayer: "I will pray to the Father and He will send you in my name the Spirit of Consolation". (Jn 14,26). And let us not forget that the "Baptism of the Spirit" at the Jordan takes place, according to the Synoptics, while Jesus was praying. "When all the people were baptized and while Jesus, also received the baptism, was in prayer, the heavens opened". (Lk 3:21).

Let us throw ourselves willingly to implore the gift of the Spirit: by day, by night, in prayer, out of prayer, in dark and beautiful moments. To ask for the Spirit is to simplify everything, because it is to unify everything. To ask the Spirit is to "take everything".

To ask the Spirit is to go to the heart of all spiritual problems, ours and others. When I have a problem, a difficulty, a disappointment, there is the right moment to implore the gift of the Spirit; so, when I find myself in front of a weakness.

Every defect, every sin, every human limit is not a defect of the Holy Spirit?
And is every progress in goodness not a force of the Holy Spirit that has begun in us?

Do you want to pray for others? But is there a better prayer than this? "Father, for Jesus, give him the Holy Spirit!" You do not know what you must ask when you pray for a person; How do you know its real problems, since even your own ones escape you?

But one thing is certain: you ask the maximum for that person if you ask for the Holy Spirit for her. The great mistakes of the Church, our great mistakes are not a weakness of light, or a weakness of good will? Am I not a weakness of the Holy Spirit?

We rely too much on our intelligence, we do not trust God enough; we trust too much on our strength, we do not rely enough on the strength of God. When the Church lacks good will, when I lack good will, there is always a lack of love underneath. Well, the Holy Spirit is love!

If we have the Spirit within us, the defect of love will disappear. Then we implore, with all our strength, the gift of the Holy Spirit!

It is beautiful to pray for the Church, for others, like this: "Father, I put in your hands that problem of the Church, give me the Holy Spirit!" - "Father, I entrust to you that person, give me the Holy Spirit!" It is beautiful because it means: Lord, yes, help the Church; yes, give a hand to that brother but do it by increasing my wisdom in helping; my love in intervening; my good will to collaborate; do it by starting from my personal conversion before the conversion of the other.

The asking of the Holy Spirit is a type of prayer that unifies in itself the prayer of demand and that of adoration: in fact, we ask only to be as He wants us, that is, to love Him with all our strength and this is vital adoration. We ask to act in all according to his thoughts, that is, we implore complete abandonment in love and this is vital adoration.

Do we have a problem of charity with a person? Let's try to put ourselves in the middle of the bridge of this prayer: "Father, for Jesus, give me the Holy Spirit!" It is like saying: "Father give me a new heart to understand that person, give me a new intelligence to invest me with his problems and my mistakes against him Father, give me new eyes to see situations, to perceive his good will, weigh its extenuating circumstances, also see my wrongs. "Father, for Jesus, give me your Holy Spirit!", concentrates all the riches of the prayer that Jesus gave us: "our Father!".

Veni Creator Spiritus

Veni, Creator Spiritus,
mentes tuorum visita:
imple superna gratia,
quae Tu creasti pectora.

Qui diceris Paraclitus,
altissimi donum Dei,
fons vivus, ignis, caritas,
et spiritalis unctio.

Tu septiformis mùnere,
digitus paternae dexterae,
Tu rite promissum Patris,
sermone ditans guttura.

Accende lumen sensibus,
infunde amorem cordibus,
infirma nostri corporis
virtute firmans pèrpeti.

Hostem repellas longius,
pacemque dones protinus:
ductore sic tè praevio,
vitemus omne noxium.

Per Te sciàmus da Patrem,
noscàmus atque Filium,
Teque utriùsque Spiritum
credamus omni tempore.

Deo Patri sit gloria,
et Filio, qui a mortuis
surrexit, ac Paraclito,
in saeculorum saecula. Amen.