You will bring the fire


The meeting with Jesus the Eucharist wants to be for us, a way to get closer to Jesus, like Saint Josefa who had the grace to do, in the numerous encounters with Christ, a school to understand and respond to the needs of the Heart of Jesus: needs of love and reparation.

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Requirements, which, if understood and fulfilled, will lead me to work within the framework of the project of Jesus: Jesus who wants me at his side so that humanity will receive Himself through me, open to love and, therefore, to the call of Jesus who wants all good for men on earth, holy and happy up there for all eternity.

On February 22nd, Jesus speaks to Josefa Menéndez: "Now, Josefa, I will begin to reveal to you the feelings that filled my Heart when I washed my Apostles' feet, observing how I gathered them all twelve, without excluding any of them.
There was John, the beloved, and Judas who, after a while, had to give me into the hands of his enemies. I will tell you why I wanted to bring them all together and why I began to wash their feet.

I gathered them all because the time had come for my Church to appear in the world and, for all the sheep, not to have more than one single Shepherd. I also wanted to show the souls that, even when they are full of the most serious sins, I never refuse them my Grace and I do not separate them from those I love with predilection. I keep them in my Heart, one and the other to give each one the necessary help for their state.

But what a pain I felt when I saw many souls represented in the unfortunate Judas, often gathered at my feet, washed with my Blood, and running towards their eternal perdition! I would like them to understand that their state of sin must not make them move away from Me.

They do not believe that there is no more remedy for them and that they will never be loved as they once were ... No, poor souls, these are not the feelings of a God who is about to pour all His Blood for you!

Come to Me, all of you, and do not fear because I love you! ... I will purify you in my Blood and you will become whiter than snow. Your sins will be submerged in the water in which I myself will wash you, and nothing can take from me the Love that I have for you.

Josefa, let yourself be invaded today, by the burning desire that all souls, and especially sinners, come to purify themselves in the waters of penance ... that abandon themselves to feelings of trust and not fear, because I am the God of Mercy always ready to receive them in my Heart ... ".
Here ends the first dictation of Our Lord that Josefa has written quickly in about twenty minutes.

He speaks "with such ardor" - says the Saint - who seems to want to pour out all his heart and expand it. She catches on the fly these words of fire interrupted only by a few moments of silence. Then, He stops; His gaze lingers a long time on Josefa who, having put down his pen, remains kneeling at His Feet. So, with short words, Jesus takes leave and disappears.

She remains for some moment still at the table where the notebook is still open, all immersed in the thought of what she has heard and written. He does not reread the traced pages, but delivers them to the Superiors always present: he returns to the laboratory where his work awaits him.

For the rest of the day it will continue in remembrance of the Savior's painful confidences. On the other hand, He himself does not leave it for long without asking for new repairs for souls in danger.

On the evening of Thursday 22 February, when the Via Crucis is ending, she comes to remind her that she is counting on her. This time it is about three souls - "not only beloved but beloved by my Heart" - he says: "For them I come to take refuge here and look for consolation among you ... Josefa, - he adds - that what the devil has said this morning it is true: many souls find life here".

And determining his thought: "You attract them to the truth, or dearest souls to my Heart, with your miseries and your love". This expression arouses in her wonder: "Yes," continues the Master, "two things predominate here: misery and love: for love, many souls find life here, and God's gaze is fixed on this group of souls, attracted by misery".

The following evening, Friday 23 February, at the end of the Via Crucis that you made with the sisters, Our Lord shows you: "He was in front of the balustrade - he writes - He carried the Cross, and His gaze stared at us all".
"Souls beloved of my Heart - he said - how much consolation you give me, Oh, if you could see! ... how many wonders you would discover! ... How your prayers are changed into treasures for the souls!".
In saying these words, He approached me ... handing me the Cross.

I told him my fears because on the previous nights, the demon did not cease to insult the House, the Society ... .
"Do not be afraid, Josefa.
It can not but threaten, because I who guard you, am the Almighty!
He hates you because I love you!
Ah! if you knew what an important Work is accomplished in this House, and how you work for the souls and for my Heart! ...

But now - he continued, after having effused the excess of His Love - my Heart pours into a sea of bitterness for those three souls that I have entrusted to you.
As long as they offend me I will come to seek rest and consolation with you because you are the object of my Predilections ...
"I give you my Cross, do not leave me alone!".
Then he added: "Love me and console me!".