God's will

God's will


The divine will
is a complex and multiform concept. It is not limited to a single aspect, but extends to multiple spheres of life and existence. This will can be seen as a divine plan leading humanity to salvation and liberation.

However, to achieve this goal, it is necessary for the individual to recognize and accept this will, actively engaging in his life path. This process may involve trials and challenges, but in the end it leads to the realization of the divine promise of salvation.

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God's will upon us

In some moments the desire to know God's particular will for us resurfaces in our thoughts, in order to be able to overcome the doubts that sometimes haunt us and to have confirmation that our choices and our actions are in harmony with this will. How comforting it would be to know that in our actions everything takes on its own meaning in God's plan.

How to know the divine will? Discernment prepares us to recognize through our desires and expectations what God desires of us.
He certainly expects an answer to his call, but this answer is not written anywhere; it remains awaited and hoped, but it is not predetermined: in His great goodness as a father, God leaves his children free to act, to choose, to think, to refuse either possible path.

Even the Gospel does not oblige us to make any decision, but it opens horizons to our desire, if moved by the impetus of a soul in union with God, who will reveal to us the path to strive for perfection. Saints such as Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila, John Bosco and others have sought the will of God assiduously with all their hearts, and their life is a witness to the spiritual level to which they came.

The more the heart seeks perfect confidence in God, the more our action will be adherent manifestation of the will that, different and personal, He has on each of us.

We must know how to discern God’s calls in our lives. And it would be foolish to say that there are none, because God never ceases to invite us through the Word, through which he calls us to life. It is up to us to recognize the many calls that translate and make audible that creative Word, that calls us to re-read our life under the gaze of God, that makes us sensitive to the appeals that he addresses to us.

This Word, rather than revealing to us a precise will expressed in a rule of life, reveals to us God’s desire, his expectations and his hopes in seeing us little by little invent our response, adhere to His will. We can therefore welcome without anguish the hesitations, the failures and the ambiguities of our choices: God has no other desire than to consecrate our freedom, to offer her a horizon that expands her to infinity and Her desire is first of all to see us bear fruit, to direct our steps towards Him more and more.

As a loving and responsible father never ceases to take his younger children by the hand, to accompany with wisdom those older, to whisper advice discreetly to those already adults, so God never ceases to pour out His calls and His help so that all His creatures grow and act under the banner of His loving and respectful will.

That is why if we take some decision contrary to the will of God, our heart is humbled and grieved; while when we do His will, we feel serenity, peace and joy. And not only: we open the way that seemed closed, we find the solution hidden until then and that work, considered impossible to do, will begin to manifest and become reality.

God has such power that he can fulfill every promise he makes: no matter how long it takes to fully fulfill it, this promise will be fulfilled and fulfilled.

When you see the omnipresence of God’s authority and power, you will see that He is present everywhere and at all times. The authority and power of God are not limited by time, space, events or whatever: their vastness exceeds all our imagination.

But how can we hear His voice, His Word, which makes it possible to accomplish all this? To be guided by God, the first condition is the humility of listening. Only those who put aside the thoughts, desires and impulses of the human being, become small and eager to be guided, taken by the hand, supported and encouraged by Him, can enter into confidence with God and know His will.

«I will make the blind walk by a way they ignore, I will guide them along paths they do not know; I will change before them the darkness into light, I will make flat the inaccessible places. These are the things I will do and I will not abandon them»
(Isaiah 42:16).