Virgin Mary

From Saint-Montfort

Monastery In the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin St. Monfort exposes his Marian doctrine: He in fact promoted the cult of Mary, in the form he called "true devotion", and the practice of the Rosary.

He was proclaimed a saint by Pope Pius XII in 1947 and 2000, under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, was opened a case, still ongoing, to proclaim him a Doctor of the Church.

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Treaty of the true devotion to the Holy Virgin

Fifteen-thousand demons possessed the soul of a poor heretical man, near Carcassona where S. Dominic preached the Rosary, and they were forced, for their confusion, by command of the Holy Virgin, to confess many large and consoling pieces of truth, concerning the devotion to the Holy Virgin, with so much force and clarity, that you cannot avoid to read this authentic fact and the unwilling panegyric of the devil about the devotion to the very Holy Virgin.

Who find Mary he will find the life, that is Jesus Christ, who is way, truth and life. But you cannot find Mary if you do not look for Her; moreover you cannot look for Her if you do not know Her: since none looks for or wishes an unknown object.

This beautiful star of the sea: following Her paths they will arrive at a good port, in spite of the storms.

But who will be these servants, slaves and sons of Mary?

  • They will be burning fire, ministers of the Gentleman and they will spread the fire of the Divine love everywhere.

  • They will be sharp arrows (Psalms 127,4) in the hand of powerful Mary in order to hit Her enemies.

  • They will be sons of Levi, very purified by the fire of many troubles and well joined to God; they will carry the gold of love from the heart, the incense of the oration in the spirit, and the myrrh of the mortification of the body.

  • Everywhere it will smell of Jesus Christ for the poor and the humble ones, while it will smell of death for the big, for the rich and proud people.

  • They will be thundering clouds and flying (Isaiah 60,8) in the air at the lightest breath of the Saint Spirit; without any pretext, or being astonished, or scaring themselves, they will make the word of God and the eternal life to rain. They will thunder against the sin, they will shout against the world, they will hit the demon and its followers and they will run all people through, who they will be sent by the Most High to, for the life or the death, with the double-edged sword of the word of God.

God does not have placed other foundation to our health and to our Glory than Jesus Christ (Corinthians 3,11).

Maria is so intimately joined to you that it would be easier to separate the light from the sun, the heat from the fire. I say more: it would be easier to separate Angels and Saints from you, than the divine Mary: because She loves you more fervently and glorifies you more perfectly than all the other creatures together.The three steps leading to God.

The first one is Mary, the second is Jesus Christ, and the third is God Father.