Virgin Mary

St. Augustine

Monastery Mary received the gift of the divine motherhood because she had faith.

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Since the angel understood that she wanted to know and she did not distrust, it did not refuse to inform Her. Here is the meaning of its words: your virginity will remain, you just believe the truth; you keep your virginity, you receive integrity. Since your faith is integral, also your integrity will remain inviolate ... Because you have faith, you will conceive: you will not be mother because union but because you believe.

In His conception He finds a virgin and, once born, He leaves a virgin. He gives fecundity; He does not take away integrity. Why has it happened to you?... Shall the angel answer you: "Hail, full of grace".

Sterility generated John, integrity Christ. With respect John’s birth, the age did not comply with generating a child, while with respect to Christ’s birth there was not conjugal union. The first one is announced by the angel saying in advance his arrival; the second one is conceived at the annunciation of the angel. People do not believe that John will be born, and his father becomes dumb; Christ’s birth was believed and He is conceived in the faith. Faith affects the mind of the Virgin first, and then fecundity happens in the mother.

Nevertheless, when the angel said about John are nearly the same words of Zachariah... and of Mary at the annunciation by the angel of Her maternity... Nearly the same words... That one is admonished, She is enlightened. He is said: Because you have not believed; She is said: receive what you have asked. They are nearly the same words... But their meaning did not remain hidden to that that was listening to the words and could see in the mind. In their words thought was not evident; but it was hidden to the men, not to the angel, or better it was not hidden to Him who was speaking through the mystery of the angel.

Maria mother of the Church

Maria has been the only woman who was mother and virgin, in the spirit as well as in the body. Spiritually however she was not mother of our Head, that is of our Redeemer, from who rather She had the life, like all people believing in Him – She is one of them, too!: they are rightly named sons of the spouse. And instead without doubt She is mother of His limbs, which we are, as She has co-operated with love to generate the faithful for the Church; they are the limbs of that head. It was in fact necessary that our head, with a remarkable miracle, took the flesh from a virgin, in order to show that in the supernatural order His limbs should be born from a virgin that is from the Church. Therefore, only Mary was mother and virgin in spirit and body: mother of Christ, virgin of Christ. In the saints, who are reserved the possession of the Heaven, the Church is complete, mother of Christ and virgin of Christ, in the spiritual order; but physically is not totally virgin and mother.


Or spouse of Christ, beautiful among the women, who are rising immaculate and leant on your Spouse, for being enlightened and purified by Him and with His help supported, from the falls sheltered! Deservedly you are praised in the Song of Songs: "your delights are in love". This love does not allow that your soul gets lost with the impious; it places your cause on a high level, it is tenacious like the death and makes your delights. What an enviable death: not only it is not painful but it is quite delicious!

We celebrate with joy, Mary, the day in which you have given birth to the Redeemer, you spouse, the creator of wedding, you virgin, the prince of the virgins. With the fervent charity of your faith you have deserved that the saint seed bloomed inside you; the creator has elected you and has elected you to be your creature. Blessed as you have conceived Him, but still more blessed as you have accepted Him with your faith. With faith you have conceived the sower of faith.

You have deserved to give birth to the Son of the Most High, nevertheless you were very humble. Faithful and Saint Mother, you have totally met the will of the Father; joyful, because still before giving birth to Christ you have received the Master, you have listened to the word of God and you have put it in practice. You have received truth in your mind more than the flesh in your womb. For this you are saint, for this you are blessed.