Virgin Mary


Monastery The recitation of the Rosary is not a matter of repeating formulas, but to enter into confidential conversation of Mary, to convey a feeling, to trust penalties, to open her heart and, finally, to accept the will of God.

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Promises to the Blessed Alan de La Roche

  1. To all those who will say the Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection and very great graces.

  2. Who perseveres to say the Rosary he will receive very precious graces.

  3. The Rosary is a powerful arm against hell; it will destroy vices, it will free from sin, it will dissipate heresies.

  4. The Rosary will make virtues and good works to flourish and it will grant the souls the most mercy of God; it will replace the vain love of the world with the love of God in the heart of the men, and will drive their desire up to the celestial and eternal goods.

  5. Who relies on me saying the Rosary, he will not be overwhelmed with adversities.

  6. Who says the Rosary devoutly and meditates the mysteries, he will not be punished by the justice of God, if he is sinner, he will be converted; the just will grow in the grace and he will become worthy of the eternal life.

  7. The truly devout people to my Rosary, in the time of their death, will not die without Sacraments.

  8. Those who say my Rosary will find the light of God and the fullness of His graces in their life and in the time of their death and will share the merits of the Blessed people in Heaven.

  9. Every day I will free from the Purgatory souls devout to my Rosary.

  10. The true sons of my Rosary will enjoy a great glory in heaven.

  11. You will obtain whatever you ask with my Rosary.

  12. I will help in their needs all those who spread my Rosary.

  13. I was grant by my Son that all people devout to the Rosary have the Saints of Heaven as brethren during their life and in the time of their death.

  14. Those who say my Rosary faithfully are all my beloved sons, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

  15. The devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.


Let’s offer our tribute of love and praise to the Queen of heaven and earth every day by giving Her, as bunch of perfumed roses, three crowns of Her preferred prayer: the holy Rosary told heartily.

Benefits of the Rosary

It gradually raises us to the perfect acquaintance of Jesus Christ.

It purifies our souls from the sin.

It makes us winners against all our enemies.

It makes us easier to practice the virtues.

It inflames us of love for Jesus Christ.

It enriches us of graces and merits.

It allows us to pay all our debits towards God and the men, and finally, it grants us every kind of graces from God.

The Holy Rosary

The complete Rosary is composed of twenty tens. It is divided in four distinguished parts, than can be said separately in various moments of the day: the five Joyful Mysteries, the five Luminous Mysteries, the five Painful Mysteries, and the five Glorious Mysteries. If you just say five tens a day, it is used to pray the Joyful Mysteries on Monday and on Saturday, the Luminous Mysteries on Thursday, the Painful Mysteries on Tuesday and on Friday, and the Glorious Mysteries on Wednesday and on Sunday.