Mary of Nazareth

To the Group of prayer

We are a group of volunteers and we have a proposal for you.
click here and ambrace you.


Anyone you are, "Go to Our Lady who is Mother of Mercy and show Her the plagues you have in your soul because of your sins; She will certainly pray Her Son to forgive you for that milk that She gave Him. The Son, who loves Her so much, will certainly answer" (the Saint Bernard).

Do not be afraid as Mary is:

  • "Moon in the night" for all people who are in the darkness of the night of the sin: She illuminates it and makes them to know their wretch condition of damnation.

  • She is "Dawn": She announces the Sun to all people who have already been illuminated in order to make them to exit the sin and to return in the divine grace.

  • She is "Sun" for all people who are already in grace, so that they do not fall in a precipice again.

And moreover Mary is:
Hope for hopeless people, hope for criminals, only shelter for sinners, sure port for shipwrecked people.

What are you awaiting before running to Her; She is waiting for you for clasping you in Her arms and taking you in Her pounding heart of Mother and showing you the way of love to Jesus. With Her you can already enjoy a piece of Heaven in advance.

If your heart is eager to do something for those brethren, who are suffering or alone, remember that the prayer is one of the highest kinds of charity. If you want to join us in virtual prayer or to have more information about it, visit the site "the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity". Come with us, we will receive you with open arms.

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