Virgin Mary

Queen du Ciel

Monastery Look, my soul, my heart surrounded by thorns which ungrateful men gave me continuously through blasphemies and ingratitude.

Console Me!
All beauty is the Virgin Mary!

No stain tarnishes your splendor.
Blessed are you, Mary.

Accompany us on our journey
To the kingdom of heaven..

Join us

Sweet and gentle

Mother is a sweet and gentle word, harmonious music of heart, feeling that encloses the essence of every human creature. Nobody has any reaction to its sweet sound, since it is identified with the word love. Its sweet name evokes the most beautiful moments of our infancy, when she dandled us, and her eyes, looking at us full of love, gave us intense moments of happiness.

In every moment the mother is our certainty: beside us in the happy moments to joy as well as in difficulties to encourage us. Her caresses imbibe our heart like balsam and give courage and ardour to us. She has never betrayed us, she gave her life; for this reason nobody can ever replace her in his heart.

In Heaven we have another mother in the celestial Glory. She does not want to replace our earthy mother, but She is eager to love us more than a son. It is Mary, the mother of Jesus who, allied with the son, wishes to redeem every human creature. As an earthy mother she is always near us to help us in the difficulties of the worldly way; She wishes to take us by the hand to let us know the burning love of God. We can rely on the very Holy Mary.

She has offered her child for all us: who will be able to give us more? In donating love She has competed with Her son’s love. No human creature will be as perfect as She is thanks to Her immense love. This love has pushed Her beyond her human nature and has thrown Her into the sphere of the Angels when she was still on the earth.

Like every mother gives the life for the happiness of her sons, also the Holy Mother wishes, with all her love, to donate us every good thing, She just waits for us to entrust every thing to her. Who can plead with Her son more than Her? You can have this beloved mother allied and near you in every moment consoling and leading you.

Her voice whispers to you... I am glad when in prayer you say towards Heaven your love for Me. I am exhorting you; give up every thing linking you to human. The things of Heaven make every creature happy, what are you still waiting for?

Courage, pull down every barrier in your heart and rely on mine. Turn the eyes to Heaven and I will lead you to the most beautiful fight: the way of love.

Do not be afraid of fighting. Heaven flags are wave before you. Go on with the ardour of a brave man, sure that you will have the help required to win; when you are tired have a rest in my arms and you will feel my burning love.