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Heavenly Mother

Our Lady is calling. He calls because he is mother, mother of Jesus and our mother, and he loves Jesus by bringing our souls to him and he loves us by giving us Jesus.
If you entrust yourself in prayer you will experience the triumph of Mary’s motherly love. Anxieties and delicacies, joy and suffering, bloom in her from the same stem: a love that has no limits and that offers the heart rest for every tired hour, that is light of every dark hour and refuge of every threatened hour.

"Come!" One must not resist the invitation of Mother. She is the most sincere, the holiest, the most effective of all. Perhaps, who knows, he has been calling for a long time: his voice seems almost weakened by fatigue, it seems broken by tears... " Come! There are so many things that I alone can tell you, there are so many treasures that I alone can give you. Come! I call you from your home: the mother’s house is the house of the children; the house of Jesus is mine, it is your house. Why do you fear? Even the prodigal son did not dare to return to his father’s house, but then, how much joy! Come, rest on your Mother’s heart!"

"Listen up!" Once again Mary will tell us her news, the good news She will tell us a story so dear, the story of Jesus: she will tell us all her pain, she will repeat all her love to us.
And he will give us a piece of advice, golden advice: "Do whatever Jesus tells you". And Jesus said by his example what we must do: love God who is Father, love men who are brothers. Here is the way.

Or my sweet Mother, you see, I come, I want to listen to you. I have so much need of a mother for my soul. How sweet is your voice coming to me, which is so full of heaven! I am so tired of the earth, which has given me but tribulations and thorns. Tell me about Jesus, tell me his secrets of mercy. Take me to him, hold me to him and teach me to do all his will.


Mary is mother. Every mother’s heart contains treasures, so many treasures that no son ever comes to exhaust or even enumerate. But the Heart of Mary distances itself from every heart of another mother.
Mary is beautiful of a beauty that is more of heaven than of earth; Mary is holy of a holiness that fills her with grace; Mary is good of a goodness that one day will make her sacrifice her Son for love; Mary is pure of a purity that overcomes the whiteness of snow; Mary is strong with a strength that accepts all martyrdom.

All this because Mary is the Mother of God. To save men from the horrors of death and sin, the Son of God had to incarnate, to become a poor pilgrim on earth. She needed a mother: oh, the perfection of this privileged woman! God had prepared her from all eternity in the wisdom of his arcane counsels. And it was Mary: the one who at the announcement of the Angel gets lost and humbles herself, and cries to heaven: "Here is the handmaid of the Lord! Fiat!". And the sweet and tremendous mystery is fulfilled: the Son of God is the Son of Mary.

Mary is our mother. Having accepted to be the Mother of Jesus, true God and true Man, Mary allows her to follow Jesus in his painful mission motherly. Mission of salvation, therefore mission of renunciation and martyrdom.
Jesus becomes, by the will of the Father, the firstborn among many brothers and Mary the mother of these brothers of Jesus. And it is the brothers who would have killed them one day, who would have crucified the Son of God. But Mary, at the foot of the Cross, looking with a bleeding heart of pain at the broken body of the most beautiful, the most good of all the children of the world, receives and once again accepts, from that Son of Heaven, the eternal inheritance: "Woman, behold your son!" these brothers who are now my executioners and will be even more so in future centuries need a mother full of infinite and perfect love in order to return to the Father. It was the testament of Jesus.


Mary is grieved in the temple. She knows that her tender Son, all goodness and beauty, is a poor victim. With what trembling hands she presents him to the Father! But his heart does not waver. It is also his mission, more terrible than that of any other mother. Mothers do not know the future of their children and this future they embroider in gold... She knows this clearly, and if she does not know it, the prophet of God pierces the future: "A sword will pierce your heart". And the cross stands gloomy and on the cross the body undone of his sweet Son. The word of Simeon is the word of God. And the Mother goes, closer than ever to her treasure, bringing with her the condemnation. And men do not notice that the Mother of Jesus Crucified, the Sorrowful, passes by. Even today men pass by them and neither know nor want to know.

Mary is grieved in the passion. Since Jesus left home and mother, Mary has foreseen the martyr. Do you feel that the word of the old man of Jerusalem is about to be fulfilled. Will it be today, tomorrow? when? His torment has no name. Unlike other mothers, she weaves the future of the Son with tears and tears. May the Son not see... In His heart is the same torture! But one day, perhaps John, the beloved, comes and tells her with his voice broken by tears: "They have taken Jesus !..." And Mary goes with him and mingles with the crowd that cries death, and sees him scourged, crowned with thorns, mocked, slandered: Here is the man! Here is your Son... and the brothers, then as today, do not recognize the Mother, the Sorrowful One.

Mary is grieved on Calvary. It seems a dream, a very sad dream. It is your Son, O Woman! And the Son dies, of the death of slaves, abandoned by God and men, watered with gall, suffocated by hatred. He hardly recognizes her: she stares at him in the eyes that are veiled. They no longer have tears. One more voice: "O Donna, these are your children who kill me. I want them all well, I want to embrace them all, you do it for me; love them, oh Mother!"
And the Mother forgives and the Mother loves. Her Son comes down dead from the cross and they lay him in her lap. Adopted children look, but they cannot comfort the Mother, the Sorrowful One. And today?

God's loving

We love God the Creator. Our Lady is the sure way to the perfect love of God. No creature has so worthily worshipped and blessed the Lord as she, that of creation was the admirable masterpiece. We value the good of life too little, and we launch it too easily.
We are by the creative goodness of God, who has kindled in us a spark of life. He wants us to be happy with Him. And to give us a pale proof of this fatherly love, behold, wonderful things were born for us out of nothing. Creation is beautiful for those who look at it with a clear and quiet eye. And we? How did we respond to God’s tenderness? We rebelled and offended him. And God? He sent his Son into the world.

We love God the Redeemer. God the Redeemer is called Jesus. Jesus is the tenderness of God incarnate. Poor and bad as we are, we could perhaps, in pain and tears, doubt the love of God. But since the charity of God appeared alive, we have experienced firsthand the goodness martyred for our health, even to be poor and bad, we cannot, we must not doubt anymore. How can we not desire to have a heart of flame and not burn but to give thanks to the Lord Jesus, and promise him with oath that we will be faithful to him against all and against all? Instead, our malice, our blindness do not disarm and sins are added to sins. We are so weak.. May the Holy Spirit strengthen us.

Let us love God the Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit was Jesus' consoling promise to meet an ever new weakness. He is the Spirit of strength. Humiliating observation are for us the daily promises and the daily infidelities. We despise ourselves so many times, and we want to break down, abandoning every intention of recovery. But then? Despair leads to death and not to life. And we thirst for life. Let us remember that Jesus put the Comforter, the lawyer, the Force and Wisdom close to us! The Holy Spirit is love of fire, it is power of thunder: why fear? Let us love, let us invoke the Holy Spirit.