Virgin Mary


Monastery The heavens sing His Glory and you poured out your Mother Love. Who she was and who is this woman so as to have access to the divine heart? In her human it has become a burning flame of love through the momentum of offering of herself.

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Holy Mary Queen of Heaven

Nothing she held back for herself, but all donated. She donated his life; she suffered and suffered with her son at the foot of the cross. The immense suffering has torn every fiber of your heart, and released the song of Love. His love for the Son and the Love of God the Father have allowed it to go beyond the human as possible.

Her will had merged with the will of God and thus she wanted what God wanted. "I am your servant ... done to me ...". Who else can utter such words and then put them into practice? Only hearts that know how to love are willing to give everything that is everything. As an example, what love! Because of this it comes. By its nature, the human being tends only to its own well-being at the expense of that of others.

Selfishness feeds the various greed as a bulwark of all happiness. This is a lie that leads to unhappiness future, because it is man's real joy can be found only through the love of God. It seems paradoxical, but it's true! Holy Mary is the perfect example. For every creature that Mom can become the way, the path on which set off to defeat the mirages of the world. The man, who is still looking for?

In this time the well-being was joined by millions of men who have had far beyond their need, indeed, they are filled up to feel bad. They have eased their fatigue with increasingly powerful means. They have not suffered from the cold and found the fun everywhere. Well, are they happy? They have found the time and the way to become better people? Everyone can make a scrupulous examination by observing the children of well-being and the society from which they sprang.

Fervent high supplications to God while the man suffered hunger and his promises, where they go? The desire of having and possessing did still raise once the golden calf. Now, as at that time, the man gets drunk perversions and rises from the earth to the sky the shouting of all greed.

Oh man find in Mary Most Holy the purity of action. Follow this powerful Mom to find the way to heaven you have to be some lost time, because without Love in God human life has no meaning. Only love, remember, gives happiness.

God has given to mankind this dear Mother so that everybody can be benefit, up to us to accept this sublime gift. So why do they doubt, do not throw away your time, in fact, she may:
  • Give you comfort.
  • It can be near you as a true friend and true Mama.
  • She can intercede for your needs.
  • She can give you real peace and joy of the Angels.
  • She can help you discover the love of Jesus.
  • She can become immune from evil.
  • She can open up the wings of hope.
  • She can expect to guide you in heaven.
Could you want more? And then entrusted to you with confidence and it will open a new horizon that will change your life because you can glimpse that of the Angels.


Blessed Immaculate Virgin, for you are the universal giver of all divine graces, you are the hope of all the divine graces; you are the hope of all and also my hope. Always thank the Lord who gave me the grace to know you and that made me understand the way to get through and to save me: this means is you oh powerful Mother of God. In fact, I understand that I can save me especially through the merits of Jesus Christ and then for your intercession.

Pray oh Mary, and commend me to your Son. You know better than I do my miseries and my needs. What I want to tell you more? Have mercy on me. I'm so miserable and ignorant to understand that not even know and ask for the graces that I most useful. Queen and Mother so tender, ask you to me and me from your Son the graces that mean the most necessary to my soul. I totally abandoned in your hands, and please only the divine Majesty that by the merits of my Savior Jesus gets me the graces I ask for me. Ask, ask, therefore, Most Blessed Virgin what you think is best for my soul. Your prayers are always granted, are native prayers before the Son so that He loves you and is happy to do what you ask Him, to honor you more and show you his great love. My Lady, we remain in agreement as well. I live in the trust in You. You will think to save me.