The Demon



Torments man

The Gospel describes us how the devil manages to destabilize man's life.

Luke, of Gerasa's Southern Province, says: "A man of this city possessed by demons who for a long time did not wear clothes did not live in the house but in the tombs.

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How the Devil torments man

As Jesus saw, he gave a great scream; he threw himself to his feet and said, "What is between me and you, Jesus son of God?" Marco adds further details: "No one could tie him anymore. Several times, he had been tied up with strains and chains, but he had broken the chains and broke the strains. No one could take him, and continually, night and day, he was in the graves and the mountains screaming and beating himself with stones."

Jesus descends from the mountain of the transfiguration, when he had faced with the father who says, "Master, I have led my son here who has a mute devil in himself, and when this falls on him, he is thrown to the ground, foaming and clenching his teeth getting stiffened. Jesus asks: "How long has this been going on?" "Since childhood," replies his father. "The spirit has often thrown him into the fire now in the water to make him die."

In Matthew: As soon as they got out, it increased his fame because he had cured two blind people. The persons that went, presented him to a mute, demoniac man, thrown the devil, the mute spoke.

Another example. When 172 disciples fell, they said, "Lord, even the demons submit themselves to your name." And He answers, "I saw Satan fall from heaven like a lightning."

In these episodes, the Gospel presents us stories of tormented people, persecuted by the devil, and the torment of the demon comes to take away the same intellectual, rational faculties to man, because Satan cannot destroy the spirit of man, because it depends on will from God.

The detailed description of these people, whose psycho-physical balance is lost from Satan, is a testimony to the presence of the devil that is affecting our path. The devil engages with us when he realizes that despite his attacks, we do not depart from those who think, to be the only support of our lives.

The Lord has put fire and water in front of you, life and death. It's up to you, stretch your hand to what you want. (Sirach). Jesus is the Winner, the one who defeats Satan, because He reveals it, scatters him and can no longer hide. Jesus teaches men how to confront Satan and makes us see in all its aspects. We just have to accept and enter into the Word of Jesus, make Him a guide to keep us away from this devastating action.

We must have a heart able to deeply filter what comes from within. Jesus said to him: "There is nothing from the outside that can make man impure, but that is what comes out of his heart that makes him impure." Here is where Satan plays, because if he wants to destroy, destruction must start from our heart.

John says: "God's face is love, a love that is union and communion." That is why God continually urges humanity to become one.

God needs communion among men, for it is the communion between them that gives witness to his true face, love. And Jesus says, "By this they will know that you are my disciples, if you will love one another as I have loved you." Christ fulfills this divine truth, a God who, in order to manifest himself, says: "If you are in communion, you will make me present" and then again "where are twon or three united in my name I am in the midst of them." Jesus relates the testimony of his presence to communion, as if to say, "I will no longer be seen from the world, for I will be risen, but how will people see me? To see me and believe in me, the world will have to see the communion of believers, because it is in this union that testifies to my presence, that the world may believe that you sent me, that I am."

This is the great project of God, let men find that common point that makes them one thing, a common point that is the act of God's recognition. If you want to come closer to God, and you really want to live according to God and serve Him, God takes you and makes you able to build his people.

The devil, on the other hand, has another project that is to demolish what man can bring to the perfect knowledge of the Creator and, for this purpose, attacks Jesus, whose presence for him is dangerous. The devil knows He can no longer hit Jesus, but the devil continues to act in the world, trying to make man not approach Jesus, because if man approaches Jesus, he enters in the truth, so Defeats the devil.

The devil tries to make sure that Christians are no longer a single thing, affecting the sense of communion, being a heart and a soul alone, acting there, because in this way, vanquishes the presence of Jesus.

How does Satan convince us that Jesus' presence is not necessary? By making us convinced that we are alone to discern what is right to do from what is not based on our conscience but if he excludes the direct relationship of love with God that is contaminated by the ideologies of the world that lead to a bad interpretation of the laws of God and, as a result, open the door to sin, injustice and immorality. The demon does not tell you that he does not have faith or does not follow the Laws of God, in which case his influence would be realized, but he urges you to follow him in a superficial and in-depth manner so that he can act according to one's own personal consideration of what is good and bad.

It happens so that you can feel comfortable with your conscience only because you are following the precepts of the Church while, perhaps, we are the cause of litigation and divisions among people. For example, you can feel good because you go to mass every Sunday, but then you are not able to forgive. This is the cunning of the demon that moves morality according to a concept that is human but is not sure of God.