The Demon




The Antichrist, according to Saint Augustine, will sit in the temple of God.

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Antichrist in Apocalypse

The root of all evil is the love for money that distances us from faith, creates addiction and ruins our life. Already in today's societies there is an acceleration of wealth inequality, as it is foretold and described in the Apocalypse in the phase of the last times. There will be a period of tribulation that will last seven years and in the last three and a half years the antichrist will reign.

"When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third being crying:" Come ". And behold, a black horse appeared and he who was riding it had a balance in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living beings: One measure of wheat for one money and three measures of barley for one money! Oil and wine are not touched (wasted) "
(Ap 6, 5-6)

This revelation announces through the symbolism of the black horse, that famine will strike the world and many will be thrown into hunger, misery and despair. With money, which was the daily wage for a laborer, it will be possible to buy for oneself and one's family only one measure of wheat and three measures of barley clearly insufficient for food needs. Conversely, for oil and wine that were goods destined for wealthy people, they will not be touched.

In that moment where the poor will get poorer and the rich get richer, economic disparity will explode and this inequality will give rise to chaos and tribulation. Not only will the dependence on money and inequality be responsible for the suffering, but the adoration of the peoples of the antichrist will be associated. The Apocalypse reveals this character to us.

"I saw a beast rise from the sea ... then the whole earth taken in admiration went after the beast. The beast was given a mouth to utter words of pride and blasphemy. She was given permission to wage war against the saints and to win them; she was given power over all race, people, language and nation. All the inhabitants of the earth adored it".
(chap. 13 1-8)

This beast that rises from the sea will be a supreme dictator and will rule the world through deception, he will declare himself God and people will do everything for him. He will use deceptive practices and because of his cunning, fraud prosperity under his rule. Suddenly the people will go to worship the antichrist as if he were God. John in the Apocalypse also describes a second beast:
"Then I saw another beast rise from the earth ... It exercises all the power of the first beast in its presence and forces the earth and its inhabitants to worship the first beast ... it ensured that everyone, small and large, rich and poor, free and slaves received a mark on their right hand and forehead; and no one could buy or sell without having this mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of his name ".
(Rev 13, 11-18)

This second beast will be called the false prophet. He will exercise all the power of the first beast and will be a religious figure with a demonic religiosity. He will work great wonders before men and through these prodigies he will seduce men and force them to worship the antichrist. He will have the beast build a statue and make it speak, and it will issue death sentences for all who do not worship the beast.

He will have the mark of the beast imprinted on all men on his right hand and forehead and no one will be able to make transactions, buy, sell, or have access to economic sectors of any kind without having this mark, whoever is without it will be destined to starve.

Antichrist in Daniel

The prophet Daniel in one of the prophetic visions had by God in his book chap. 8 speaks of an evil king named Antiochus Epiphanus. He prophesies events that will punctually take place in history three hundred and fifty years later. It is therefore a prophecy of a near future, but also, according to exegetes, a prophecy for a distant future: Antonio Epifane summarizes these two connected characters who are the antichrist of the old testament and the antichrist in the new testament. Therefore Antiochus Epiphanes will also be the figure of the last character who will one day dominate this earth in the period of the tribulation and he will be the antichrist.

Antiochus Epiphanes thought he was God. He conquered Egypt and Persia and Israel. He persecuted God's people, defeated the saints, and in his depravity not only defiled the Temple but destroyed the Scriptures. History tells us that Antiochus killed forty thousand Jews and took as many prisoners.

Book 1 Maccabees ch. 1 ver 21-24 narrates that Antiochus entered the Temple of Jerusalem and deprived him of everything. He took hold of gold and silver and all the treasures he could find, took a pig into the temple, cut his throat and sprinkled the blood all over the temple profaning it completely so that no Jew would never be allowed to enter that temple again. He made many massacres and spoke with great arrogance and personified evil.

Daniel prophesies that a fierce, bold, brash and intriguing-looking tyrant will live on this earth in the time of tribulation. His power will be strengthened, but not by his own power but by satan's; he will cause unheard-of ruins he will be successful in enterprises, he will destroy the powerful and the people of the saints.

Antichrist in Thessalonians

In the second book of the Thessalonians, Paul writes about the warning signs of the end times: "First the apostasy must take place and the unjust man must be revealed, the son of perdition, the one who opposes and rises above every being who is called God or is an object of worship, even to sit in the temple of God, pointing to himself as God".
(Thes 2, 3-4).

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