The Demon




The devil is very smart and does not tell people, you are far from God, but presents us with an unreal god who justifies hatred. John is concerned about all this and gives a clear message:

This is not a new commandment, but a testimony that you have heard from the beginning, to love one another, not as Cain, who was of the evil one, and killed his brother. And why did he kill him? Because his works were wicked.

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Demonstration of the Demon

Cain's heart was blinded by hatred and jealousy because his brother's works, unlike his own, were right. Do not be surprised: we know that we have passed from death to life because we love our brothers. He who does not love remains in death; anyone who hates his brother is murderous and you know that no murderer has eternal life in himself.

This is the commandment: that we believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and we love one another, according to the precept that he has given us. Those who observe these commandments dwell in God and God in him. It is difficult to achieve but compulsory if we want to enter into a dimension where we can meet Jesus, who can change us and make us capable of communion. And this state of communion implies that there is light in our hearts and no longer hatred.

"If I also spoke the tongues of men and angels, but I did not have charity, I am like a resounding bronze, a tinkling harp and if I had the gift of prophecy and knew the mysteries of science if I possessed the fullness of faith as to carry the mountains, but I did not have charity I would not be anything, and if I also distributed all my substances and gave my body to be burned for my brothers, but I did not have charity ... nothing good for me".
(1 letter To the Corinthians)

Paul interprets charity: "Charity is patient, is benign, is not envious, does not boast, does not swell, does not lack respect, does not seek his interest, does not adhere, does not take into account the evil received, does not enjoy of injustice, but it is pleased with the truth, everything is covered, everything is believed, everything is hoping, everything will endure. Charity will never end. “This text is wonderful because it makes us understand that true charity is another thing, it is not just doing well.

Charity is the inner state of the person who lives the perfect communion, having purified himself in truth, and has in it the light, which manifests itself in an excellent relationship of union with others. The phrase "no respect!" Paul descends into details. One of the things we overlook is the lack of respect. Often you hear yourself saying, "But how do you respect a person like this? One that ..." but the problem is we who fail to respect, not the person who does this and this other!

It means that our hearts do not know respect, so there is no charity! Nobody gives us the right to be the executor of that person. Instead, we must express charity, that is, the love that must be within us!

Paul makes us realize that, in order to respect a person, we must have a deep conscience, but, for having it, puts the next indispensable condition close to the "no respect for respect": "Do not seek your interest" To deny yourself. Let us then prove, besides the banality of judgments, of people's assessments. But it is not time to finish with this story? Do we want to give a clue to the Christian community or not?"

"Everything covers," yes! Everything covers! Here's the race to "find out" everything! The important thing is to find out to speak, to strike, to emphasize, to be able to say more than anything else. Do not tell me this means being out of purification with the truth! It means to have hatred in your heart without knowing where it gets us!

Who gives up the temptation of the demon? He who has the heart hardened those who have no interest in doing God's will. They are easy prey to envy and power. We make golden bridges to satan when we play on pride, when it makes us believe that we can understand the psyche of people deeply. He played us on pride. Usually he uses men who are foolish, as the Siracide says, those men who do not have wisdom and are easy to devour the devil and become his instruments.