The Demon


Monastero The devil needs history, because if there was no story, then man would not even exist.

The field in which the devil acts is exclusively human history, because it is the only field in which he can still have the ambition to exercise his power.

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Historical presence

Which is this story in which the devil acts? When we talk about History, we mean from the biblical point of view of the whole of humanity, which in the book of Genesis is the plan of God, the history of an environment, the earth in which man lives. It is in this reality that Satan acts.

What was its principle? "God said" is a creation by God. How has God decided to create history? Because God is love. Just because He is love, He cannot be selfishness, because the love that creates life comes out of itself. The vital principle remains "love that generates", so man is the expression of love. Between man and God, a relationship of love, a vital relationship is realized.

God creates man without one because it is aimed at something, but it is an act that comes out of this profound dimension of God, which, being love, cannot do anything other than generating. Man lives on earth to enjoy this wonderful divine design. When a man loses this communion, along with the beauty of his humanity to the life and splendor of his being, comes the inner death.

History is the sign with which God can still be known, an invisible God manifested in human history. On the other hand, this wonderful plan of God will see his fulfillment in Jesus, which is the story in which the Lord is manifested, because He is the man who, on earth, gives the certainty of God's presence: "Whoever has seen Me, saw the Father".

Genesis reminds us of this, using a typical expression, "God made man in his image and likeness" and again: "In God's image he created it." Creation, history, is a privileged place where man can feel, enjoy, live the presence of God, because this presence is in him, as "the image and likeness of God".

This story, where man lives and enjoys the beauty of living, is a story that at one point sees the intervention of a devastating being. The first time Scripture speaks to us about the devil, it is in Genesis, then at the beginning of creation at the beginning of man's history.

If man's story is God's highest plan, made to be happy in the world and to enjoy God's presence on earth, because man is no longer able to live his happiness? The origin of the problem was the monarchy, which introduced the cult of foreigners into the kingdom of Judah. This makes it penetrate the people, a lifestyle that no longer conforms to the law of the Lord. One begins to ask, but then where is the goodness of man? Why does not man achieve that happiness that God has promised? What has happened in humanity?

For the first time, the discovery is introduced that in history is acting a force that is no longer God's, but that of the devil who means "the one who splits, divides". Divide man from God, so that he no longer enjoys the promised benefit. The devil is a presence that has entered the world immediately since the human being began its history.

This mystery is revealed by the Apocalypse, Chapter Twelve, when it says: "There was a war in the sky, and Michele and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon fought together with his angels but did not prevail and there was no place for them in heaven. The great dragon, the ancient serpent, the one we call the devil, or Satan, the one who seduces the whole world, was plunged into the earth and with him all his angels".

Then there was a great voice that said, "Now is the salvation, the strength, the kingdom of our God, the power of His Christ, because the accuser of our brethren has fallen, the one who accused them before our God Day and night, but they have won it".

The devil, plunged over the ground, has lost the battle and is filled with rage against who? Against God, who took him down from heaven, therefore, the devil experienced his helplessness against God and, being unable to compete directly with the Creator, decides to destroy the work: the story, the man who lives on land.

And how does Satan present himself to man, in such a way as to convince him that he is God, making himself pass through God? To do so, it has only a certain road, to put the human being in a position to no longer know God. It instills the doubt by saying to you: "How do you believe in a God you do not see? How do you accept to obey an Invisible God? I, instead, let you see what you have to believe, that is, only to the things you see. "And what does the devil see the man? One thing, the most dangerous: himself. The devil has this ability. He tells us: "You must believe in yourself because you are like God".

Genesis describes us temptation in the Garden of Eden and what are the words the snake says to Eve: "If you eat this tree, you will become like God, you will be gods." When the devil convinces you that you are God and made you believe in your truth, living begins to be conflicting, because you no longer find the joy, the well-being and the happiness of the existence. You no longer feel the taste of blessing, feel the sweat of your face, because, history, now you decide, you feel the God of history. Now, to live, you will experience pain and fatigue.

In this way the devil killed the man, and by killing him, he killed the most beautiful work of God. He ripped from God's hand what He had created of the most beautiful, that being made in his image and likeness.

When the devil manages to convince the man that he is the author of history, he is sure of one thing: that the human being will do everything to keep God's thoughts away, because now he regards him as an Enemy and cause his sorrow.

The mentality that led the Christian to no longer see the urgency of meeting with Jesus as the support of life comes from the action of the devil who suggests: "See that your life is not founded upon Jesus, is based on your job, your security!

And God, in your opinion, where is He? Where did you put Him? Answer: "Oh, but God has is in my mind, for charity." It is evident that the demon does not deny us God, he does not care that we think of God, but it is important to him that we never come to meet him. Make sure that we become gods of our lives.