The Demon



The action

The devil rarely presents himself with special or extraordinary effects, he usually shows in a normal way that belongs to the daily life.

He often manages to eradicate man from his origin, separating him from the designs that God has prepared for him to make him live in happiness, truth, and light.

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The devil's action

God who is the love that generates, created the man in his image and likeness at the origin of history and placed him in Eden, where there was all creation, all so that he could enjoy the fullness of happiness in communion With him. Everything could, but not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, otherwise dead would come.

And the demon who wants to constantly divide man from God so that history becomes his kingdom, Eve cautiously tries: "You will not die at all ... if you eat this tree, you will become like God ... you will be". Eve, stressed, accepts the seduction, sees that the tree is good to eat, pleasing to the eyes, desirable and, despite the ban, eats and drags on Adam's transgression as well.

To the Lord, as he had promised, it remains to expel Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and from that moment, for them everything changes. They lose the true happiness, the vision of God and come to death, labor; work ... Here is the effect of sin.

The devil, as Eve has tried, even tries us and does it with these actions:

  • Changing divine truth with lies.
  • Being accustomed to despising God's knowledge, because, according to him, is not fundamental to our lives.

It tries us as follows:
  • Incites to exaggerate attention to the needs of the body, so that the body becomes our God.
  • Pushes a self-assertion, very welcome if at the expense of others.
  • Impels to own, because possession is our "IO".

It is said "Genesis" what happens in the heart of man. God says to Cain, in chapter 4 verse 6: "Why are you angry and why your face fell down? If you act well, you should not keep it high, but if you do not act well, sin is crouched at your door, towards you. It is craving, but you dominate".
From these words one understand how important it is for man to decide where to orient his heart; On the one hand to cultivate happiness, its history and respect God's plan, or on the other to ruin and destroy everything.

Cain does not listen to the words of the Lord, but under the anger of Satan that makes him soak in envy, kills his brother Abel. "What have you done?" God says to him. "The voice of your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground! Now be damned ..." Here is the effect of sin.

What the devil can inculcate in the heart of man is apparent in Eden when he can open Eve's eyes on the forbidden fruit: "Good to see, good to eat, easy to succeed." The fruit that Eve had so far neglected became a tangible, tricky reality.
What has the demon proposed to Eve: "Here is your God here who has to sustain your life, this earthly reality." The devil has changed God's truth as an evanescent presence, almost a thought, with something ground. With the obscured mind, it was possible for Eve to transgress.

The man who interacts with earthly things but not with spiritual ones feels alone. St Paul affirms: "They have replaced the Creator with the creature", so now, what matters to man is no longer the Creator, but the creature. "The devil has won and this is tragic!

Saint Paul continues: "Just because man has changed the truth with lies, this change of man has caused an incidence on history. Those who have accepted the lie are abandoned to impurity according to the desires of their heart So that they may dishonor their bodies".

The devil is used to disdain the knowledge of God, where to despise means wanting to speak of God in a marginal way, without affecting our actions and way of thinking. Saint Paul says in this regard: "Watching this despise the knowledge of God, this action of the devil has other historical consequences. Their intelligence becomes depraved, and they commit what is unworthy, filled with injustice Wickedness, cupidity, malice, full of envy, murder, rivalry, fraud, malignity, defamers, maladies, God's enemies, outrageous, superficial fanfare, ingenious in evil, foolish, heartless without And knowing the judgment of God ... not only do they continue to do so, but they endorse those who do them".

The effect of replacing God's truth with lies by the deed leads to consequences that ruin history. The story is sick and we can still see it today, but in most cases, men do not realize their actions, obscured in the mind, operate in a diabolical way.

Saint Paul, in the letter to the Romans, raises a question: "What will happen in men's history made of men who are the ruin of relationships?" Yes, creation suffers and groans like the birth anger and waits for liberation. This creation what is it? History is not made to be devastated by the devil and is subject to his slavery because of man, and this story cries out and continues to say to the Lord: Release me! His cry of liberation comes to God. It is the deep structure of creation, which continually implores his Creator, and does so because his essence is divine.

Jesus, the Word of God, says, "I am the Truth, I am the Light of the World." Here is the strong voice that surpasses that of Satan, the voice that gives certainty of truth to man, who is at the mercy of darkness, of lies. That voice that offers man the knowledge of God.
At the last dinner Jesus announces, "Whoever saw me saw the Father" then, in his prayer, says, "Father, I have made known to them your name ... they now know it".

Incarnate Jesus has brought back knowledge of God to allow man to erase from his story the depravity of intelligence and defeat the devil's action. Paolo exclaims: "Liberation has come." Jesus Christ is liberation, because it is the Word of God, is Truth, it is Light. The Word of God becomes man, makes history, proclaims the truth, the knowledge of God, and is a stronger voice of the devil, this is Jesus, the man of Nazareth.