The Demon



The loud voice

He revealed a war in the sky and the Archangel Michael with his angels drove out of paradise the great dragon, the ancient snake, the one we call the devil and satan, who was plunged, filled with great fury, on the earth and with him were precipitated Even his angels ... he was given power over all race, people, language, and nation.
(Acts 12,7 13,7).

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Lucifer, who was a bright angel, a perfect spirit based on God alone, for an act of pride was plunged out of Paradise. Now this fallen angel, this Cursed Rebel and Coroner, this ruthless monster who has taken away the joy of being the Father of all men to God, is wandering around the glorious world, and as he lands the earth, he seeks out the victims from devour.

His action is not limited to those exceptional manifestations, those demonic expressions, or those facts that we all recognize and are subject to exorcism but silencing in our everyday life at the intellectual level, that is, where our Beliefs, reasoning, and behavioral choices that will eventually result in thinking.

And this is where the Demon tries to seduce us and instigate us to make experiences contrary to the perfect laws of God. With the serpentine language we are flattered: "You are the master of your life, free to experience joy in all its forms. The same lust that so many give up is essential to increase your joy. Do not engage in false morality or those commandments now buried in history, where a hypothetical God wanted to keep you slave to his power. Take advantage of the occasions that life offers, taste the Transgression, wrong doing, and you will see enjoyment on dizzying peaks".

These are the nets, these instruments, the seductions to subdue you to his dominion and tear off from the hands the story that God has written for you, however, betraying the divine plan makes you go a path leading to death.

Genesis illustrates the effect of sin. "The Lord welcomed Abel and his offer, and Cain was angry." The Lord said to Cain, "Why are you angry, and why is your face fallen?" If you do not do well, sin is crouching at your door, You are craving, but you are dominant".

Cain does not consider the Lord's admonitions, prefer to hear the demon's inner voice and killed his brother Abel. With this act it radically changes history. The Lord said to him, "Now you are damned ... when you work on the ground, it will no longer give its products; you will be escaping on the earth".

The curse is the result of diabolical action, because it is the devil who cursed man because he pulled him out of life and killed him. And man has fallen because he believed in the ambitious plan that Satan has put before him: "You will be the god of your story!"

Is not our story perhaps made of continuous controversy? It is difficult for each one of us to confront all that surrounds us with inner freedom to say: "The story I live is of God, not mine", while the Demon suggests: "You are the god of your history and you have to be able to Act as you want".

His advice, if accepted, will get anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, and many suffering. And when you find the time to reflect, Satan might say, "I was not you, you were the one who did the wrongdoing, the responsibility is yours." And in affections it is.

Here is the work of the great accuser: first he insinuated and then leave to you the responsibility, in fact, you cannot say "The Devil has led me to act through deception." No, it is not; You have been thinking of the action and completing it, so it is your responsibility.

True, I thought and acted believing that I was right, but I am really guilt when I allowed the devil to slander in me his wickedness. God created man and blessed him for happiness, and he will not miss anything until he will surrender to temptation.

God said, "You must not eat or you will die" (Gen 3: 3). But this death what is it? It is the man who, through sin, departs from God, no longer dances his beauty, his grace, preferring to live in the fatigue that ends with despair, refusal, and persecution. Far away and corrupt in the intellect, he cannot conceive that life is a gift of God.

Here is a question: How can I understand when the Demon acts in me? When the devil acts foments with insistence and urgency. Yes, Satan's action is always urgent because he cannot waste time, it is necessary to act immediately to avoid entering rationality, in fact, if we move immediately, we are loaded with the moment, so our affirmation is even stronger, so we believe To get more.

To fight this way of acting Jesus tells us to deny ourselves, this is a self-control that leads to defeating the devil's action. If we dominate ourselves, our ability to act urgently, with force, declines, but there is time to reflect and meditate with the necessary calm.

"Within me, writes San Paulo, I want to follow the law of the Lord, but there is a law stronger than me that makes me do what I do not want!" Even in us there must be this inner struggle, by which we become aware of the devil's action and defeat it.

The devil's play is terrible! It urges our retention instinct, triggers the anxiety of defending us without regard. St James affirms: "You wish, you are curious, you do not get and, as a result, do the war!".

Man does not believe that God can enter in history because his thought has been diverted by this diabolical, subtle, unseen, uncomprehending but incisive force that manages to tear the man out of God's hands. And that's the worst thing than it may be.

So man has become accustomed to living with his strength to build his story, so he says, "I know what to do!" The awareness of what he has to do from where he has drawn it? He meditated on the meaning of his actions, or asked the Lord, "Is that what I'm doing? Is this what you want from me?" This means knowing that we are not the masters of our history but that we draw it from the Lord.

It is important to emphasize the Word correctly, because it is the Word that gives us the criteria on which to live our lives and we find out when, after doing something we have regretted, we ask, "But why did I behave like that?".

Now we know who we were inspired and why, but the sure answer is given by comparing it with the Word of the Gospel. The goal of the Word is not to avoid mistakes but to "give us the Light" so that we can hear and understand it, understand how to act.

It is clear that within us, we must learn to hear the voice of the Spirit, because it is the Spirit of God, of Jesus who has to guide us. His voice can only be felt to the extent that the Word of the Gospel is announced because it is the Word of the Gospel that allows us to hear in us that voice. Because the Gospel is the knowledge of Jesus.

St. Peter on the Day of Pentecost, makes the first announcement when he says, "That Jesus whom you crucified, is now sitting at the right hand of God and we have received His Spirit." While this announcement, who was listening to it, what do you say? "Your words have pierced our hearts." The Spirit, who entered, is to the extent it is announced.

Listening to and listening to the Word is for us the guarantee from which we can draw the criterion to understand when we are led by the Spirit of God and when, on the other hand, we are tempted and trapped by the presence of the devil.