The Demon



Devilish insidious

Is there an exit? All those who, once enter, are hunted by evil forces in the midst of evil.

They are people who do anything they do and not find remedy. As if they were commanded by a more powerful force to which they can neither oppose nor release.

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How to get rid of the pitfalls of the devil

To get the liberation, they seek help and any way out, but the Demon is stronger than any man. As soon as they enter satanic territory they experience impotence, the impossibility of fighting evil with their own strengths. Therefore, only by using God that is far more powerful than Satan, there is the actual possibility of getting out of the circle of evil. Only Divine power has the power to reveal intrigues and evil plots.

Avoid opening small ones that could help the demons enter the sphere of your life, to disturb you, to infest, to swear or to possess you. The opening can be made by the adherence to satanic, in the participation in satanic rituals, blacks, spiritual sessions, the use of magicians, witches, chirping, lusters, mediums, clairvoyants, cartomans, or people who say they have guiding spirits, Esoteric practices.

Live constantly in Grace. Grace is the decisive defense against every action of the devil and of the demons. Living in grace involves a life lived in profound friendship with God. Such friendship is made loving obedience to his will, feeds on his Word, feeds on the Eucharist, restores the sacrament of Reconciliation, and receives further support from the other Sacraments and personal prayer, then it is like a preventative cure.

Watch will have to be exercised against the temptation with which the demon tries to make us commit sin.

When a man with a free and personal act commits sin, it happens that he puts the devil in power, which really seizes him in what he has most intimate and precious. With the temptation, the devil just induce man to sin. His tactic of all time is to not reveal himself, so that the evil that is grafted can become even more structural shame, and to be less and less identified as "personal" sin.

The most dangerous weapon in the hands of the devil is not so much the possession, the harassment, or the infamy, but the temptation with which he seeks to induce man to sin, above all mortal. Sin over a diabolical possession is like a heart attack on a forunculus. A good doctor would, first of all, care for the heart attack, and only after, he would care for the rest. The devil and the devils play on all an ordinary activity, constituted by the temptation through which they push to sin. No one escapes these assaults.

Possessions, harassment and infestation are sometimes permitted by God in holy people, to involve them in the work of universal salvation together with their own Son. Sometimes, however, are the consequences of some blame, which opens as a window to the extraordinary action of the devil or the demons. The devil or the demons cannot afford all the evil they want. Their action is constantly hindered by divine Providence. They can only use a small part of their strength.

What does the person who is in the circle of the Malignant must do and cannot get out? He must seek an expert priest who will help him to free him from the chains with the help of God: "Then he called the Twelve, and began to send them two to two, and gave them power over the unclean spirits" (Mc 6, 7). And their "parties, they preached that the people were conquered, cast out many demons, anointed many sick of oil, and healed them"
(Mk 6, 12-13).

Pope John XXIII highlighted the figure of St. John the Baptist Maria Vianney, the curate of Ars, who snatched many people from the evil claws, even though he was not exorcist, had never made an exorcism. Each priest has a lot of means he should use to free souls from the traps of the Demon.

We need faith, trust in Jesus Christ who has won Satan, destroying his empire. Jesus Christ is identical yesterday and today. The enemy powers run away from his cross. With the strength of his name, if we have faith, we will remove any diabolical influence and presence. We have the Blessed Virgin, the one who defeated the Devil and is always ready to guard, protect and sustain the battle of the Earth against any satanic influence. We have the permanent help and intercession of angels and saints.

Satan's power and his malicious actions on people are highlighted when man moves away from God. At first, you begins to neglect daily prayer, then renounces to go to Sunday Mass, then stops confessing regularly, letting you slowly attract from temptations and pitfalls. Suddenly, without realizing it, you are seduced by the Evil, trapped in his nets, with the dark mind, and the debilitated will. In those conditions nobody is able to fight against evil. It is indispensable to make a confession because only with the help of God and in his light, you are able to make a detailed examination of your life.

In this case the man is in front of a crossroads of life, facing a point on his own path, where he has to make a decision. If he really wants to go out, freeing himself from evil power, he must definitely and irrevocably say no to the Malignant, renouncing to him, his seductions, adultery offers, any kind of help he might have through diabolical action. Instead, he must give confidence to the Lord by trusting his life as He guides and governs it.

After a rooted renunciation of evil and a definitive suspension of occult practices, one must pass to the sacrament of reconciliation, for God through his son Jesus Christ destroys every sin by making the man return in friendship with himself.

The priest recounts the oratories of exorcism from the "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults", praying that the Lord, by the prayer of the Church, frees the victim from the diabolical influence that has had effect on it, usually through the practices of the Magic to which it used throughout life.

Liberation takes place directly by the hand of Jesus Christ. In prayer, the Lord measures the faith of both the praying person and the one he prays, as well as of relatives and friends praying for the person affected. After liberation, it is necessary to live in grace. To live faithful to Christ and to constantly fight the traps of the Evil who will all try to imprison man.

This is only the beginning of the journey of liberation on which we must never stop because: "When the unclean spirit comes out of a man, he goes for arid places seeking relief but does not find it. Then he says, I will return to my home, From which I came out.and back, finds it empty, swept and worships, then goes, takes seven other worst spirits and goes into taking up residence, and the new condition of that man becomes worse than the first"
(Mt 12, 43-45).

The soul must not be left empty. After confession it is pure, but not enough. Knowing that we alone cannot do anything against the Evil One, we must begin to pray daily with perseverance. In prayer, it is important to invoke the protection of the Blood of Jesus from the evil devil. We have a great help and refuge in the Sacred Heart of our heavenly Mother Mary, the everlasting enemy of the Devil. Whenever the evil spirit begins to overwhelm us, trying to stop us, we can receive great support through the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, the prince of the celestial legions, who hurled Lucifer and his servants into the infernal abyss.

It is necessary to live the Eucharist. Mass is the sacrifice of Christ through which Satan has been won. Receiving Christ through communion, we welcome who has destroyed the evil power, the one whose omnipotence is our only protection from the assaults of the Evil One. In the face of Satan, he is impotent.

The human spirit, weakened by occult practices, must gradually be strengthened with sacrifices, deprivation and fasting. They are the means that give so much fruit in spiritual growth. Jesus speaks clearly of the powerful evil pitfalls: "This kind of demon cannot be driven out in any way, except by prayer"
(Mk 9,29).

Christian spirituality knows the vows. When we ask for grace, He scolds us to see the amount of our faith. And faith is measured through works. God continually puts us to the test to see what we are ready to do. Anything, even the smallest act of love and our generous dedication, is greatly appreciated and rewarded abundantly by the Lord.

God is the source of every blessing and the root of all good. In remote times it allowed peoples and some individuals as patriarchs, priests, Levites, and parents to bless others in his name. Blessings are the liturgical rites through which, in the faith of believers, the blessing comes down. Many times just a blessing is enough to move away the evil pitfalls or to discover the satanic works.