The Demon



He won

Christians have become expert sociologists, philanthropists, pious people, altruists who are doing well to others.

Maybe they did not understand anything about faith, but they feel accomplished in doing something for others.

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The devil has won

In Christianity, we must do our best to express the presence of Jesus in our lives, in fraternal communion, not to do good to ourselves. The difference is subtle but the demon can convince us that this is the same thing because this has become our common thought.

This constant insistence on the exercise of solidarity, which is proposed as if it came from the Gospel, is devious, because it is only right if it is born from another conviction and that "They too are in us, are one thing."

The devil goes to touch the sense of communion and does it in a smart way, replacing it with a make good that keeps us away from Jesus. To do good Jesus is not needed, it is something that comes from us, something which can be brought to a human, psychological, emotional sensitivity, even to a power of fact, because we may also feel good, receiving admiration, so our power grows with our self.

To be communion we must first have attained peace, that is, we must be in communion with ourselves. One of the Old Commandments: You love your neighbor as yourself is a very wise command, it indicates that we must first have communion within us. We will find the pacification when we will completely abandoned to Jesus, when our self will have learned to silence.

When we have reached this state, we will be ready to be instruments of communion, purified in truth, and we will defeat the devil. Then we will be prepared to be elements that make communion. Therefore, the invitation is clear: beware of the devil who, after the resurrection of Jesus, will undermine communion among the believers.

John's letter insists on the sense of communion in the Christian community as a sign of the presence of the Risen Lord. Let us only reflect on this beautiful passage: From this we know that we have known Jesus, if we observe his commandments. Whoever says: I know him and do not observe his commandments, he is a liar, and truth is not in him. In those who observe his word God's love is truly perfect and we know that we are in Him.

Beloved, I do not describe a new commandment, but an ancient commandment, received from the beginning, and yet a new commandment, because the darkness is shrinking. Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and in him there is no chance of stumbling. But whoever hates his brother dwells in darkness; he walks in the darkness and does not know where to go, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.

This is one of the most terrible steps, because it is the synthesis of the deep action the devil does in the human heart.

Who hates his brother walks and dwells in the darkness and does not know where he goes, because darkness has blinded his eyes. The devil has decided that he must break the state of communion, so he will do everything because, in our hearts, the sense of union with others is not hosted. If, in the heart, there is no communion, what else is there? Hate, that is, the split, the break, the relationship with our brother, the antithesis of communion. It is terrible because, after all, nothing comes to the person who is ahead of us that we think has caused this rupture, but it is our heart that breaks the relationship. Our heart also finds a logical justification for breaking, because the brother did this and this other, but it is in us that there is hatred.

This is the cunning of the devil. Saint John is repeating it: "He who hates his brother is in darkness," which means that we are acting, no longer in the Lord's sake, but under the devil's rule. And the devil sells you darkness as light and that darkness will give you right! So if you feel you are right, never convert. "Walk in the darkness and you do not know where you are going".

Indeed, the heart that did not understand this passage is a heart that will never be stable, which becomes suspicious, jealous, envious, filled with fears, all elements that belong to the devil, with which it suffocates, in the person, the Strength of communion.

Hate blinded because he who hates is subject to anger and those forms of violence that are devastating for themselves and for others. It leads to disgrace and despair because it no longer has any reference. The devil does this despair also makes us miserable. It makes us feel like we are the victims, the misunderstood, the ones who are right.