The Demon



Against Satan

The first temptation put forward by the demon is: "Tell these stones that they become bread" and Jesus answers, "It is written, not only the bread lives the man ... but of every word that comes out of the mouth of God."

In the temptation of bread, the pressure the devil exercises pushes the man to put his attention to the needs of the body.

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Jesus fights Satan

The temptator is sneaky, does not push you toward evil, but towards a false good, making you believe that true realities are what meet your primary needs. In this way, God becomes secondary; it is reduced to a medium.

When the devil tries to do so, Jesus does not let himself be taken, for there is a certainty in him that he then sends to his disciples: "Seek first the kingdom of God, and all the rest will be given to you over, for God knows What you need before you even ask her, "and gives us a try.

This is the first, the greatest temptation, the body, which should be the place where the light of the presence of God lives, but if we only strive for healing, dressing, feeding, we speak only of our bodies, Not of God and we only worry about our anguish for him.

In the second temptation: "The devil took him to the holy city, and placed him upon the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him," If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, and God will send his angels, and in their hands they will sustain you, So that your feet do not stumble upon any stone. "And Jesus said," It is written, Thou shalt not test the Lord thy God. "This temptation is very subtle, under the sign of piety induces you not to serve God, but? So that you can assert yourself. "Religiousness becomes the great temptation, because with religiosity, man says to himself, no longer mentions God.

Religiousness is terrible, because it is the strongest deception with which the devil takes us, since we seem to be no more than men, just as the actions that men have claimed to be the things of God.

In the third temptation: Once again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory showed and said: "All these things are mine, and I will give them if you adore me" Jesus replied, "Stay away, Satan, for it is written, 'You shall worship the Lord your God, and you shall serve him'" Then the devil left him. The kingdoms of the world with their glory, what are they? New idols, those earthly assurances that serve to power our power. The temptation is this, you become the master of your story, and you become the master of your life. And we can become it when we are to decide what is good and what is bad, but this decision is always based on assessing what is our advantage or our disadvantage. And it is power.

The word power has the root of another verb, possess. What animates power is the desire to possess and the devil touches us there because the possession strengthens our self. Only the devil can give us this power, but we must realize that at that moment we fell to his knees before the devil and worship him.

Man is exposed to the desire to possess, to the will of power, and Jesus to fight this thing, just as we do. He understands that this is the action with which the devil destroys the story and his voice is once again stronger: "Go away, Satan!" And finally the story suffers the word of God. Satan has to go, cannot do anything else! He goes away because he cannot withstand the command of Jesus. This is the struggle that Jesus has to do within himself. We have become accustomed to believing that his temptation lasted only one day, as it has been exposed in the Gospels, but in fact this is not so, because the Gospels tell us that on this page there is the whole story of Jesus, as long as he was on earth.

Jesus is continually struggling because, having become a man, he tries everything we experience, at all levels, at every moment of his life, just as we in ours. A continuous fight against Satan, but Jesus never gave up, he always had to give up the devil!

The Gospel shows us that Jesus truly is the strong voice of God, the presence on earth of the Creator, so much so that the devil just to see him, he is afraid, fears him. In the Garden of Eden, when the snake, the devil, hears the steps of God, goes away and the man is hiding!

In Capernaum, that man does not endure the presence and says, "You came to ruin us!" Here is the important phrase! The devil recognizes that with Jesus he cannot win. And even though he thinks to hinder his relationship with people, Jesus defeats him once again: "Come on ... come out of that man!" And the devil must go.

And it will always be so, Jesus meets other demigods, such as that of the land of the Geraseni, and it is heard the same thing: "You came to ruin us!" It will be the cry of the legion of demons that, then, Jesus sends in the pigs, that they throw into the lake.

They were all trying not to enter Jesus in relation to the people, because Satan does not want the crowd to hear the voice of Jesus, because it is the voice of truth, the voice of God is the voice that brings back to God's knowledge. Demon is defeated. The devil does not want people to listen to Jesus, but, despite his attempts, the crowds go to seek the Messiah to hear his Word. Men understand that voice is true, something they are waiting for, a voice that responds to a profound need that Jesus can satisfy and the crowd runs behind him, they searches for him.

In the multiplication of the loaves, people had not been eating for three days, but they did not realize why he was there to hear the word and the devil is defeated again because with that multitude he cannot do it.
Then the devil decides to use his disciples, especially those closest to him, the twelve. Look for, for example, to use them in this way: Jesus and his disciples were going to Jerusalem and spoke of his near death: "The son of man must be taken up by the elders, he must be condemned and dying." But his disciples did not seem to hear his words, so when they stop, Jesus asks, "What were you talking about along the way?" And the disciples say nothing because they are arguing with each other to determine who should be the first. It's a subtle temptation! Jesus was talking, but the disciples were distracted by this rivalry, which prevented them from listening to the Word.

At that moment they despise the knowledge of God! It was the devil he was working on! And what was he playing? On the affirmation of their self, who was the first among them. That way, Satan tried to get away from the Master. He could even urge his disciples, those whom he had chosen, to whom he also had the power to cast out demons! The devil does not look at anyone's face, and it's not that they were sinners, but he was keeping us from taking them because they were the closest to Jesus!

The most tragic story: At the last dinner, at one point Jesus says something destabilizing everyone: "One of you will betray me" and, bidding the bribe, offers a piece of bread to Judas, son of Simon Iscariot, and after that bite, Satan entered into him.

Then Jesus says, "What you are about to do, do it quickly" but none of those who were at the table understood why Jesus had said this. Then Judas went out immediately. With Judas the devil has succeeded. But why did he succeed?
The devil believes he has won because he now sees it on the cross and, in order to make him die with such ignominy, the devil has built an incredible plot, used all the plots he could use, so that Jesus was silenced. He does not want to hear the voice of Jesus, because it is God's voice, revealing his foolishness, his malevolence, and revealing to his people his tricks. And for the devil this is the defeat. Then Jesus must die and be crucified.

The devil's strategy was very clever, served the most congenial, the religious power, the person who, in religious affirmation, claims to have the authority of God-the High Priest.

Jesus dies, but the devil does not expect the overwhelming development of this event. After three days, Jesus rises, and the resurrection is the final defeat of the devil. By now the devil is emptied of his power, because against Jesus now, he can no longer do anything. Because now the presence of Jesus will be forever, resurrection is the affirmation of "Jesus forever." In fact, after the Resurrection, there is that wonderful announcement of Jesus: "I will be with you until the end of the world" for eternity. And where am I? I will be in your hearts, so I will guide your story. I will send the Spirit to you; He will enter into your hearts so that you may be able to see the Light and understand the deceit of Satan, and build a story according to God.