Gemma Galgani

From the diary of Gemma Galgani.

The Angels

"Once, I remember it very well, I had been given a gold watch with a chain and as I was very vain I was looking forward to putting and showing it. Then I went out and when I came back, I saw an angel (only now I know that it was my guardian angel) who told me very seriously: "Remember that the precious jewels for the wife of a crucified king, can be no other than the thorns and the cross."

I reveal today these words for the first time, which I had never said, not even to my confessor. I was afraid even of the angel; but later, thinking about what it had said, even if I had not understood much, I decided that for love and pleasure of Jesus, I would never wear ornaments and talk about vanity in the future".

The angel looked after her, explained the mysteries, and especially it helped her to suffer for Jesus.

"It looked at her so affectionately! And when it was about to leave, when it came to me and kissed me on the front, I asked it not to leave yet. But it told me: "I must go". Then go and meet Jesus. It looked at me one last time and said: "I do not want that you talk with creatures any longer; when you want to talk, talk with Jesus and with your angel".

Saint Gemma Galgani talks to his guardian angel and gives it also delicate tasks, such as to carry her mail to her spiritual director in Rome. She writes: "I give the angel the just finished letter. It is here beside me waiting" and the letters arrived mysteriously, without going through the Post Office of the Kingdom.


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