Mary Magdalene De' Pazzi

""Their love is far from being like God’s love".

Taken from her Deep Meditations on the Divine perfections

The angels love the creatures of immense love, truth and regeneration love. It is an intense love that rises from the heart of the Word, because they see in it the dignity of creatures and the love that He feels towards them; angels’ love represents additional love of the Word that the angels take and forward to the creature in its most noble part, that is its heart.

Oh! Would the creature know the immense love of the angels!...

Their love makes the soul wise and prudent: wise in its actions, which it does with right purposes for the greatest glory of God; prudent in maintaining the virtues feeding all loves, whose union is a valuable ring for engagement of the bride; the seraphs come from Heaven take them with two of their wings, adorn them with the other two wings and bring them the last two wings in the presence of the bridegroom.

Then the choirs of angels want to do something for the bride, too, and start to praise her and say: "She is worthy to have a new name, and prostrating as they honour the Bridegroom in the bride – they homage her".


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