The angels are organised in different orders and it is certain that they differ in power and order. They are beyond the capacity of our minds and our thoughts, they are precious gems arranged in the respective categories.

Angels in the Bible

Every order, complying with God, receives light, science, and good and forwards them through a process of purification, illumination and perfection. The contemplation of the mystery of the Trinity follows the initiation to the angelic hierarchies.
There are nine Angelic Choirs grouped
into three Hierarchies

  1. 1st Order or Supreme Hierarchy (it participates in the divine transcendence).
    Composed by Seraphs, Cherubs, Thrones.

  2. 2nd Order or Middle Hierarchy (it receives the divine light, gives live and order to the world, it makes it beautiful)
    Composed by Domination, Virtues, Angelic Powers.

  3. 3rd Order or Lower Hierarchy (agent of the divine economy towards humanity).
    Composed by Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

Supreme Hierarchy

Seraphs: (i.e. the burning ones)
They continuously burn for divine love that overflows from the sweet furnace of true love, but they never burn out. They burn and inflame the others with the fire of divine love; they stand thanks to their inexhaustible love for God, as they cannot be diverted from the beloved. They act spurred by an everlasting love, because they are bound to the beloved and ask with strong calls for the continuous and diligent action of graces, awakening for divine gift all those whose love for God has become lower and lower.

Cherubs: (i.e. full knowledge)
After the Seraphs they closely penetrate the mysteries of God and can thoroughly forward the light of divine Wisdom received. They receive the light of wisdom, enlightened by this gift they know God, and they contemplate the light beauty and the divine knowledge, which are then gradually forwarded.
Ezekiel says that Cherubs moved their wings, spread and flapped them and covered themselves (Ez10). What is expressed with the wings, if not the rest of contemplation "We heard the din of the wings of Cherubs, almost voice of omnipotent God" and this is the kind of contemplation said elevation of the mind, that is when the soul, anguished and broken by the passions of the heart for revelation listen on its own to God talking.

They enjoy an undisturbed peace, placed safely and stately around the Most High God, these Angels are higher than the others for their beauty and there the admirable Divine Majesty has chosen to live peacefully.
On the Thrones sits "the one who judges the just... and whose face emanates the judgement." (Ps). This order grants the truth of judgement and they are stressed upward trying to comply fully with the divine judgment.
Filled by the light of the judgment, they forward to the lower the divine judgments, as they are not only infused by the light of the right judgement, but, in order to receive it, they grow by strongly expanding their ardent desire, so that for the gifts received they serve the Lord in the fulfilment of their office which consists exactly in expressing the just and right judgement.

Middle Hierarchy

They have a sense of eternity, liberality and severity; they do not look for satisfaction in honours, but for usefulness for the flock and they are not interested in temporal but in everlasting things, they are inflexible in applying laws and generous in giving graces.

Virtues: (i.e. strong courage)
It is up to them to overturn the kingdoms, depose kings from their thrones, make the lower to respect the higher. They organise the tasks of the lower orders and keep them constantly complying with God.

It is up to them to overturn the kingdoms, depose kings from their thrones, make the lower to respect the higher. They organise the tasks of the lower orders and keep them constantly complying with God.

Angelic Powers:
They face the attacks of evil, which are weakened by them; they prevent oppression of demons so that they cannot go beyond the limit, which does not allow them to rush against us.

Lower Hierarchy

They are sovereigns with command power within the divine order. They are superior for strength, strong in doing miracles, in attracting God’s gifts and in reallocating them received. We must comply with these spirits when we want to be strong to fight against vices, deep to know the divine things, grateful in accepting the gifts.

They manage directly the activity of the Angels and sometimes God sends them with very important tasks, to act directly with the men and they are the only ones mentioned in the sacred texts.

The Angels are the way to the Word; he feeds them, because the Angels are the perfect refuge of the divine light. They are often sent to forward the divine wishes. They let us know the divine power in the conversion of sinners, the same wisdom in the revelation of secrets, the mercy in the glorification of the just, the justice in the condemnation of evil.
Let’s imitate the angels and be afraid of punishment, extirpate vices, respect holy things and be attracted to Heaven.

The nine Angelic Choirs are necessary for the Lord in order to establish that heavenly melody and harmony which is the symphony of His ardent LOVE.


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