Faustina Kowalska

The angel appears in the day when she renewed vows
"... I saw some angels taking something from each sister and put it into a golden pot similar to a censer. When they had visited all the sisters, they weighted the pot against the sword and they balanced. Then a flame came out from the censer and reached the light..."

One evening looking at the spectacle of the firmament

" ... Improvvisamente un fuoco d'amore inconcepibile sgorgò dalla mia anima verso "... Suddenly a fire of inconceivable love arose from my soul to the Creator. As I could not bear the nostalgia for Him coming from my soul, I humbled myself in the dust. I praised Him for all His creatures and when my heart could no longer bear such a feeling I began to sob. Then my guardian angel touched me and said, "The Lord sent me to tell you to stand up." I did it immediately, but I had not been consoled; on the contrary I missed God even more".

One day during the adoration

"One day, while I was in adoration, my soul suffered strongly and I could not hold the tears; then I saw an incredibly beautiful spirit telling me, "The Lord orders you not to cry." After a while I asked: Who are you? He answered "I am one of the seven spirits standing before the throne of God night and day, praising Him constantly." But although that spirit I missed God more and more. The beauty of the spirit is due to the fact that it is so close to God. It accompanies me everywhere. The following day during the Mass, before the Elevation, It began singing these words: "Holy, Holy, Holy" and its song, that I cannot describe, sounded like the voices of thousands of people".

The Saint is asked to look over the entrance door of the convent

"When I realised how dangerous it is in this period to be at the incoming door because of the revolutionary turmoil, and how many bad people hate convents, I asked God for help and I prayed Him to grant that no dangerous person approached the door. Then I heard these words: "My daughter, since the first moment I have put a cherub as guardian. Then you must not be afraid" Coming back from my meeting with the Lord, I saw a light white cloud surrounding a joined hands cherub whose gaze was like a flash".

A Seraph gives dying Saint Elena Kowalska the host

"A great light surrounded the Seraph: divinity and divine love were reflected in It. He wore a golden dress and a transparent stole. A transparent veil covered the crystal glass, too. Once It gave me the Lord, It went away. When I had a doubt before the Communion the Seraph, accompanied by Jesus, suddenly appeared in front of me. I prayed Jesus, and as I had no answer I asked the Seraph: might I go to confession? And It replied: "No spirit of heaven has that power". At that moment a host came on my lips".


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