Veronica Giuliani

"While so said the Virgin was saying such words the Lord appeared with a great multitude of Angels, like the first ones I had seen. The Lord was glorious, and held a great cross in His hand".

From: THE DIARY of Veronica Giuliani

So He said: "Now I come lovely; but on the day of judgment, when I will appear in the same way, then I will be angry and rigorous. Then you will feel great pain, but this pain is nothing compared with the pain that everybody will feel universally ...".

The confession promise with Jesus

"After 8 o’clock in the night, I had vision of our glorious Lord, the Blessed Virgin and many saints with a multitude of Angels. I was trembling, for the function that the Lord wanted to do with my soul. Everywhere He looked at, it seemed there was a judgment. The Lord is sitting on a throne, and all those saints were around Him. The Blessed Virgin was on another throne, and all the Angels in the sky were singing: VICTORY! VICTORY...".

The Guardian Angel

"My guardian angel made me to kneel at Lord’s feet, and to confess publicly my faults and my actions during my life. In this while, I made the sign of the cross and I wanted to start my confession, but I could not, because of the pain I felt as I had offended Him, my supreme Good. Finally I started in this way: "My Husband, I have offended you, and to you, I confess." So saying the Lord has enlightened me and He made me know how honour and value are this sacrament of penance...".

The Angel accusation

"... The Lord made me silent, and told my guardian angel to accuse for me. So the Angel started from the age of three years until this time, and I was accused of everything. And even if the accusations were general it seemed to see distinctly every thought, there, in front of God. Oh what a pain! Oh what a torment I felt!... My Guardian Angel went on to accuse me for each minimum fault and I, at every accusation, I felt pain and sorrow, as I had offended the supreme Good...".


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