Angela from Foligno

On the day of the celebration of the Angels, I was in the church of the brothers Minor in Foligno and wanted to receive Holy Communion.

Revelation of Angels

When the time of the Communion came, I prayed the angels, in particularly Saint Michael, as I had done before, and I said: "Servants of God, you have the duty and the power to serve and present Him to the others, let me see God as man and show me Him such as the Father has given Him to the men, that is firstly alive, poor, sad, distressed, wounded, bloodied and crucified, and finally dead".
From the book of the Blessed Angela

Then the same very holy angels, while I was feeling a wonderful pleasure, told me: "Oh beloved by God, God as man has been brought to you and He is here. He has been given you so that you can show and offer Him to the others".

At that point, He was really in front of me, as I asked the holy angels, and I saw Him clearly through the eyes of the soul, firstly alive, sad, bloodied, crucified and finally dead.

Then I felt such a pain, that my heart seemed to almost breaking in front of so a painful vision. On the other hand I enjoyed the presence of the angels and their very kind words.

I had never experienced such a great enjoyment when listening to the words of the angels, and I would never have believed who had said that the holy angels are so kind and can give as much joy to the soul as they gave to me.

As I begged all the angels, and mainly the Seraphs, then the very holy angels told me: "You have been given what Seraphs have".

From the book visions and teaching

"Then I saw Jesus Christ arriving with an army of angels and my soul was very pleased for the magnificence of his escort. I was surprised that I could enjoy the angels, because all my joy is usually focused only on Jesus Christ. But I realised very soon that there were in my soul two perfectly distinct joys: one coming from God, the other from the angels.

I admired the magnificence surrounding the Lord. I asked what was the name of what I was looking at. They are "the Thrones” the voice said. The crowd was dazzling and endless so that if number and size were not laws of creation, I would have believed that the sublime crowd I saw were innumerable and immeasurable. I could see neither the beginning nor the end of that crowd".


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