Anna Catherine Emmerik

Anna Catherine explains that the angel called her and she followed him everywhere: "Sometimes I spent entire days with him. I showed me some people that I knew and other people that I had never seen. With him I went across the seas at the speed of a thought. I could see far, very far away. (..).

From the book "Anna Maria Emmerich" Vol.I

When it arrives to pick me up firstly I usually see a faint light and then it suddenly appears in front of me, like the light of a lantern illuminating the darkness. My angel is always before me, sometimes beside me. It is quiet, it hardly moves, but sometimes accompanies its brief answers with a wave or a nod.

Oh, how brilliant and transparent it is! It is serious and kind and has fluctuating and shining silk hair. His head is not covered and it is wearing a long and dazzling white dress. I talk to him freely but I never could look at its face. I bow before him and he drives me. I do not ask him too many questions, because the satisfaction I feel when it is beside me is enough. Once I lost my way in the country of Flamske.

I was terrified, I began to cry and pray God. Suddenly, before me I saw a light like a flame, which turned into my angel wearing its dress. The earth under my feet became dry and neither rain, nor snow fell on me. I went back home without even getting wet".

Angels during the Calvary of Christ

"No human word can express the terror imbibing the soul of the Redeemer who saw the terrible expiation because he could see not only the immense torment he had to bear, but also the instruments of torture, the diabolical fury of those who had invented them, the cruelty of the executioner and the anguish of all the innocent and guilty victims. This vision was such a horror that his entire body was covered by sweat and blood drops. The Son of God was damp by sadness and I noticed that the angels were filled with compassion. It seemed that they fervently wished to console him and prayed for him in front of the throne of God ...

At the end of the Passion, Jesus fell to the ground, as he was dead. Both the angels and the images disappeared: sweat blood and imbibed all his clothes. A deep darkness reigned in the cave. Then, I saw an angel come down close to Jesus. It was higher, more distinct and more similar to a man than those who had appeared in the previous vision. He was wearing a floating white dress and held in hand a small goblet. I saw an oval object in it, which emitted a red light. Always floating the angel stretched his right hand to Jesus and when the Redeemer stood up, it put the object in His mouth and he drank the shining drink from the goblet. Then it went away".


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