Margaret Mary Alacoque

Letter to the Reverend Father Jean Croiset, dated 10th August 1969.

Vision of Seraphs

"God wants the union of angels and men. If their devotions could cooperate for the mutual spiritual good, I think the divine Heart would be glad. He would like that a special devotion was granted to the angels, which are made to love Him, to honour and praise Him in the divine sacrament of love.

So if we were closer to them, the angels could intercede for us at His divine presence, to pay homage and love Him. This would benefit us and also all those people who love him and it would make amends for offences that are committed in His holy presence".

"Another time I worked hemp in a small courtyard, near the holy sacrament and, while I was working I find myself meditating on my own and at that moment I saw the kind Heart of my adorable Jesus, more shining than the sun. It was in the flames of love, surrounded by seraphs that sang in a wonderful concert: "Love triumphs, love rejoices; the love of the Holy Heart makes us happy".

And when the blessed spirits invited me to join them praising the divine Heart, I did nor dear to do it; but they spurred me and after two or three hours of songs I felt inside myself their beneficial effect, both for the help received and for the sweetness arisen. I was so moved that from that time I had called them my divine friends".


Might interest