The Angels are not only messengers, but also the summary of the divine power in the heavenly intelligence that can be the vehicle and access to a higher knowledge leading us to the divine mystery.


The Angels are divine ideas and thoughts translated into the universal language, and allow a greater understanding of the things of God.

Without the admirable help of the Angels, it would be difficult for us to properly understand God’s will.

Moreover the Angel is a master in the practice of virtues and mystical contemplation, as he is the first mirror of the divine perfections.

God has covered the Angels of His wisdom and His glory because they show us without burning us out.

The Angel is the sure way to the Word, since it is fed with Him, in the perfect refuge of the divine light.

The Angels are our wonderful allies, always ready to spur, help, encourage, and make us to wish ardently to obey to the truth of God, because they are themselves like large flames burning for love for their God.

Extraordinary beings of light that illuminate the creation with the purity of their love. They can teach us what true love is and lead us beyond the horizon, where God’s heart is beating. It is up to us to use these wonderful creatures that God has put at our disposal.

We renew the invitation

If your heart is anxious to do something for the brothers who are grieved by suffering or loneliness, you can greet the Lord with ardor. Prayer is one of the highest forms of charity.

If you then look for other marvelous brothers who can join you in prayer in a single heart, then visit the site of the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Brotherhood. There you will find a family willing to welcome you with open arms.

If you want to accept the invitation of Jesus, or just want to try to pray from your home, click here and you will find many marvelous brothers willing to join spiritually in a great, intimidating prayer of intercession.

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