Therese D'Avila

"I saw next to me on the left side, an angel with bodily appearance. It was little and very beautiful, with its passionate face, it seemed to be one of the highest among those who seem burning for love and I call cherubim because they have never revealed me their names.

The Angels

But I see clearly in Heaven such a big difference between some angels and the others that I could not explain.

Then I saw the angel who held in his hand a long golden dart, whose iron end seemed in fire. I seemed that he pierced my heart, until the bowels. When he took the iron out it was as it had taken them too, and I felt myself immersed in an infinite love for God. The pain was so true that I was crying very strongly. But the sweetness caused by that incomparable torment is so immense that the soul could not wish the end, or be satisfied of other than God, it is not physical but spiritual suffering...".

Taken from Stigmatised and apparition 1967

The heart of the Saint is kept and visible in the church of the Carmelites in Alba de Tormes. After thoroughly examining the heart the surgeon Manuel Sanchez wrote: "There is an opening or laceration crossing the top and the front of the organ; it is long, straight and penetrates deeply the substance and even the ventricles.

It must have been made by expert hand with a long, hard and very acute tool; and it is only within this opening that you can see traces of a beginning of combustion...".


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