Here are the answers  
Here are the answers
Light always overcomes darkness

The knowledge is not indispensable, however truth makes us free. Like a sailing boat, pushed by the wind and without direction, ramble in the seas but never comes into a port, also in the life you must know the aim to find a landing place.
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What am I doing here?    I did not invent myself!
Then I try to know who I am, from where I come.

Which sense has everything? Nothing has sense if everything ends and every dream smashes with death!

Why am I living? To know Love, to love Love, to live in Love here and forever in the eternity

Does God exist? Doubt leaves the place to the certainty and the joy when you meet and feel him on your skin.

Where is God? He is nearer you than yourself, more deeply than it seems.

What is He doing? Just one thing: He is looking for you because He loves you and wants you to be in peace.

Why am I not happy? Evidently because you are trying to fill the voids of the infinite with the finite.

Why am I bursting of joy? Why He, the Infinite, is going to sparkle inside you, to set fire to you to fill you with Him.

What is love? The greatest force of the universe, the fullness of life!

Does love exist? If you ask the question, you need it! Then look for Love, open yourself to Love!

Has the life a sense? Yes, if I was born for the eternity, otherwise it is nothing but an absurdity!

Does the sense exist? Are you asking such a questions? It is a inconfutabile, manifest evidence. If you deny it, you cannot even move any more, in order not to contradict yourself. The case is absurd!

What is freedom? The greatness of the man, his capability to determine as well as the risk to realise or to destroy himself!

Why the church? Because you need a Family receiving you, listening to you, helping you, loving you.

Why do I smoke? To give myself airs or perhaps to feel grown up, but finally I do not really know why

Why do I drive me drunk? In the “artificial heaven” I cannot feel other than disgust at myself

Why do not I want to sleep? My trouble is that I want to feel "superman" and I do not accept to be just a "man".

Why do I never please myself? Because the desire of possession feeds the thirst of desires that no source can ever quench!

Why no sex? Sex at the right moment, to express my total donation in love and to guarantee acceptance, stability, serenity to the life.

Why does the church impose itself? It does not impose itself, but it proposes in the name of God with the only desire to defend the dignity of every creature, of love, of the family and of the life!

Why do not the priests converse? Begin and ask to confide. They are present to serve!

Why was I born for case?Nobody is son of the case, every people are a son of Love, God who has thought, wanted and created him. My life is always in His hands!

Why the pain? The only medicine that recovers people from their pride and egoism and allows them to open themselves to the light, to Love, to the life, to God!

Why evil? Because there is human freedom and God respects it, however He is so great and good that He can get good also from evil!

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The reason wants answers in order not to stagger in the darkness


Fill your voids of infinite
to find the true joy of living

Truth is light dispelling
the darkness and
making you free
Discovering the true Love is to find the aim of a life      
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