Seventh Beatitude

Monastery The Lord invites you to reject everything that prevents you from having peace in your heart.

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Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be called sons of God

The promise of becoming "Sons of God" surpasses every desire for happiness. All the Beatitudes that have been proposed up to now, through the journey on this mountain, are sacred; all of them. But what Jesus presents now is truly inaccessible. If, in fact, seeing God has nothing to overcome him in goodness, becoming a child of God is superior to every human limit, of understanding and of joy. Whatever one can conceive with the mind, what is represented by this Bliss is altogether superior to it. The happy outcome of being able to be recognized as children of God exceeds prayers, his gift goes beyond hope, grace passes through nature.

What is man compared to the Divine Nature? According to Abraham it is earth and ashes (Genesis 18.27), according to Isaiah "it is like the grass" (Is 40,6), according to David "it is like a breath, its days as a passing shadow" (Psalm 143.4 ). For Ecclesiastes man is vanity (Qo 1,2); for Paul it is misery (1 Cor 15:19). All this is man.

God, however, what is it? The discourses on God, exposed by the prophets, are sublime and great in comparison to our mind, superior to every greatness, yet they do not touch the true immensity: "Who will measure the sky with a palm - says the Scriptures - the water with the hand and all the earth with a fist? "(Is 40.12). "To whom can you compare me, says the Lord?" (Is 40,25). The same counsel also offers Ecclesiastes in his own speeches: "Do not rush to utter a word before the person of God, because God is above, in heaven, and you are below, on earth".
(Qo 5,1).

So peace is the main among the things that make us happy, and for this He wanted it to be present in each of us, to such an extent that not only everyone had it for themselves but, from the great superabundance, it also distributed to those who are free. "Blessed are the peacemakers". A peacemaker is someone who gives peace to those who do not or do not have enough to live quietly in bliss. No one could offer another what he does not have; He therefore wishes that, first of all, you should be filled with peace, so that he can later offer it to those who are deprived of it. But, what is peace? Is it a loving disposition towards one's fellow man? So what is the state contrary to love, which deprives us of it? They are hatred, anger, irascibility, envy, the persistent resentment of the offenses received, hypocrisy. Peace, in equal measure, is opposed to them and causes, with its presence, the extinction of evil, dissolving all passions like snow in the sun.

Who leads men, with benevolence and peace, to a loving concord, he perhaps does not perform a work truly worthy of Divine power, since he banishes the evils of human nature and introduces instead the communion of goods? The peace worker is therefore an imitator of Christ; for this reason the Lord calls him "son of God", because he becomes an imitator of the true God, who gives these goods to the life of men. "Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be called sons of God". So who are these peacemakers in practice? They are the imitators of Divine love, they are those who show in their lives what is proper of Divine Energy. The Lord, who bestows all goods and destroys everything that has no affinity with the nature of good, decrees for you, now, that this is your task: to reject hatred, to abolish war, to destroy envy, to eliminate hypocrisy, extinguishing rancor and giving peace.

The work of peace consists in bringing the harmony between the body and the spirit back. The flesh has desires contrary to those of the spirit and the spirit desires contrary to those of the flesh; these two forces oppose each other, and do not allow us to do the good we want. If we perceive this dissension within ourselves, we must struggle so that the higher faculties are not overcome by the lower ones, because sensual desire does not win the spirit, because concupiscence does not overcome wisdom. The flesh always has its weaknesses: it has become so because of the original sin and of all those we ring during our life; for this reason it is chained to discord, which opposes us in every action of good that we try to accomplish; but if the body and the spirit become one, sharing the same goals in peace, then Beatitude will be fulfilled and those who have worked in this sense will be properly called children of God, being esteemed according to the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be called sons of God. Blessed are you that by following these precepts you will be forever recognized as "son of God".