Take the way  
Take the way
Shake off the fetters choking you

When you become aware that there are no truth, happiness and peace in your life, an impulse can take fire to look for the true sense of the life.
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Important questions as “who am I?”, “from where do I come?” and “where will I go”? imply an answer revealing the sense of the things, of the whole and change radically your way of living. This is the main reason for looking for everything’s aim, otherwise you will find yourself at the mercy of the events.

Nobody can preview the development of the events, however you know the expectations you have if you want realise yourself in joy, peace and happiness. However you know that the mere search of the satisfaction of the senses has only given you short-lived and false gratification.

Therefore, you must listen to what is coming from the heart because from its throbbing of pain and worry a desire can be born to find the light illuminating the way and allowing to get out of impossible situations.

Therefore, , in the mysterious throbbing of your heart you can seize those ineffable feelings that make you to realise the divinity that you always and unconsciously take deeply. It is the divine breath that will make you to raise your eyes to Heaven talking to you and to contemplate in the joy the discovery of love.

Yes, you can learn to fly on the wings of the certainties, which are based on the incorruttibile part inside you. You can hear the silent voice of the heart picking up the melodies of the soul; it is a sweeping force that flows flowingly like the water of a great river.

Youcan, if you want, to realise the willing of living. You can transform pain into gratefulness and doubt into knowledge. You know that hope is based on the certainty of love. Peace, joy, happiness derive from love and they are feelings that cannot be explained, but they must be felt

Only Only love can pull down barriers and egoism to free you from the fetters of the possession and to make you free to love. >> next

In what you must believe for slaking the punching thirst inside you?

It is difficult to bear suffering born in
the heart

In the melodies of the
soul there is a force that flows flowingly like
waters of a great river
Peace, joy, happiness and joy of living come from love      
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