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proposal for you
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You can have in you an ardour and a superhuman force that can upset and drive you crazy of joy and happiness. Free yourself from the false illusions and unexpectedly you will find them in your heart.
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Go out of the pack , there is no need of ravenous wolves, which snarl and bite, but they never satisfy their avidity.

Look at the children; when they play they seem little birds singing their joy and why do you become gloomy? The sun heats you, the breeze ruffles you hair and the flowers caress your eyes, do not they?

Nothing satisfies you because you are deeply sad in the heart, You continuously aim to something that could make you happy, nevertheless, when that moment is over, you begin once again. Therefore search deeply in your heart and you will realise that the You have no joy of love and of being loved.

Well, when two persons love each other , also only humanly, something comes from heart, the world seems more beautiful and the wind blowing in the leaves, sweeps far away their love. All around everything seems to participate to their feeling and it is joy. They do not care for the obstacles, because the force of love is dragging them more and more. In fact love means to rejoice, love means to share everyday life, love means to participate and to be jointed by a feeling pulling down the barriers of egoism.

Therefore cut out a moment in the day, keep your mind quiet and think: is the road that I am covering the right one, do I usually meditate my actions, have they a meaning? You have understood that this examination of conscience must be done far away from the din of the world that deafening and from the daily worries dimming the mind. Therefore stop for a while and listen to the voice of the soul; it can answer your questions and allow you to develop harmonically your personality. This is not the way yet, but it is the beginning of the search.

It is a search you must develop both towards the Heaven to discover an unknown or forgotten reality, and towards your brothers waiting for you with open arms to walk, hand in the hand, on life’s paths.

You can find the thematic discussed until now in the book - a look on the soul - .

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Go out of the pack and find the light

Nothing satisfies you because you have sadness in your heart. You the joy of loving and being loved

You discover an unknown and forgotten reality
Have your actions a meaning?      
When two persons love each other, the world seems more beautiful.
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