Rave is void  
Rave is void
You think that you are managing your freedom

Enjoying yourself
at all costs is your logic, but, if you want, you can still cancel your nothing and find the sense of the life again. You can take the way to the true joy.
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You dull your senses for a primary necessity and a frenetic impulse address you towards something which can give you pleasure

To find the energy to dance unceasingly until the following morning you take those pills able to hold you up and give a feeling of illusory well-being and happiness

Through the others you aim to find the joy of living. It seems to you that they are happier and therefore you want to be one of them, but if you want to join the group you must use the same language, dress like them, have the same attitudes, thoughts and desires

You deceive yourself that you can find happiness in sex, love or some substances. You will realise very soon that you have fallen in an abyss. You will feel bad and you will not be able to get out alone, because the substance dominates your mind. You would want to do something, but your mind does not react any longer.

The substance has chained you and cancelled all your plans. You look for peace spasmodically, but the substance gives you no rest. You are more and more constrained in an endless abyss.

Look at the other people of the group: they are in the same conditions as you and you can not find any help. Where are your friends and your plans spacing in the future? Everywhere you turn your face you only see the present time passing in the superficiality of an aimless life.

You&are deeply unhappy and you try to fill the inner gap with substitutes Unable. Life has lost its true meaning and you are asking: why? Also your heart has stopped to throb with love and you have nothing but rage and nothing else.

You would want to get out but you do not know how. For the system you are right. In fact you are a robot in the hands of concealed quacks that bustle about telling you: all is right, do not do anything.

Do not believe them, you can cancel your nothing and find the true sense of the life again as well as a great joy of loving in yourself. Yes, if you want it, you can immediately take the way to meet the happiness
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Atbottom you feel unhappy and try to fill the inner gap with substitutes

An immoderate desire eggs you on whatever gives you pleasure

You are in the hands of concealed quacks that tell you not to change.
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