Do not allow that someone steals your happiness
Do not allow that someone steals your happiness
It doesn't have to happen

You will become prisoner of yourself. Darkness will extinguish the
light of your mind and you will have no possibility to emerge again.
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  What you do not know it is where people imprisoned by evil want to drive you.

Certainly it very easy for you to distinguish them among your friends, because they are: : egoist, profiteer, trafficker and merchants of death

They use amusement and transgression to let you feel grown-up. They stimulate your curiosity to make you to swim against stream and to fall.

Then they will make you a slave to vice with sex, drug, rave and desire of possession.

Therefore you will not longer be your own master. You will wish what the others wish. You will destroy all feeling and you will cancel all plans for having nothing.

Your reign will be nothing and you will be deeply
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You are deeply unhappy because you have lost the joy of loving

You want what the others want and you are not aware that the chains of the vice are choking you

You are obsessed to find a substitute able to fill your nothing

Dominated by the worldly mentality you remain prisoner of yourself
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