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"Certainty means that I will be able to get off in any situation in any case and hope means confidence in the future! Certainty comes from Hope whereas faith feeds everything!".

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Mental Insanity

Certainty and Hope: Springboards ... to the future!

"Don’t be afraid" the Angel says to Joseph when it appears in his dream. These words in my heart sound like a spur and I repeat them often, in particularly when I am in darkness. The Gentleman is Light in my way, let’s entrust ourselves and rely on Him!

"Nothing is impossible to me: there is nothing that i cannot do": these are exactly the words my Teacher has revealed to me; "If faith feeds the soul, it will become stronger and the body will become stronger as well".

Is the mental obsession chaining you?

At the beginning of my way, after having suddenly given up working, I was suffering; I had got mixed up because of my mental obsession (I was in a trap). The mind was darkened because my understanding was not well enlightened: I was afraid and eager to shelter myself into the anaesthesia! When I said that I didn’t feel like doing something, it was because I was not able to!

"I cannot absolutely explain what I cannot understand, but, on the contrary, I can easily explain everything is clear to me using only three words".
In that time many friends asked to meet me and they could not understand my "absence": however I couldn’t explain it either, as I didn’t understand completely what had happened to me, I just felt different than before. They were obviously astonished. In their place I would ask the same questions ("Why don’t you call me and go out with me any longer? What’s the matter with me? Am I concerned with your personal way? Etc").

"Questa incapacità nel dare una spiegazione scatta ogni qual volta si mette in atto "This incapability to explain occurs every time the mental obsession acts. It is said mental madness and comes from anger. In this way the man gives up hope in the future and he is not even allowed to enjoy the beauty of a sunny day! This makes him extremely unhappy, because it is against his nature and he is therefore unable to explain it.
Everything is linked to thought: the fixed thoughts tormenting the mind come from our desires (due to our egoism). So the mind is darkened, the chained will is no longer free to follow God and the man consequently loses his bearings: delirium and madness of the omnipotence. But certainty and hope run out without God!".
"Therefore the success requires also spiritual force called psychical force by the psychologists.

In fact there are two ways:

  1. the first one leads the unconscious to come out using metaphors and body expression (dancing, embraces, massages, etc.):

  2. the second one, on the contrary, goes straight to the problem stating from the presuppositions (i.e. if the presuppositions are false the faith will fall) called chains to be brokent (they are behavioural chains, for example an usual model such as "thin is beautiful" retorts upon me as it is a nonsense, and I loose my references: once I have met the so aimed goal my partner doesn’t notice me any longer. Why? I fall in crisis or, as I have no self-esteem, I ask the other people for certainty. They are moral chains given by vices which make me to say that I will always be able to prove that I can decide by myself if I do something or not and I am not enslaved by a fixed idea).
    For some people the second method seems to be "brutal" and there are discussions about. But in any case it has succeeded, I can testify it, it has freed me from obsessions!!

A clarifying example of one of my "chains i have broken

I wasn’t able to change the position of the PC cables and generally of any wire when I cleaned my bedroom, and I couldn’t give up repeating obsessing a gesture. I decided, "I will" to break this chain and now I can modify the position of everything as I like and I try not to be managed by things.