Inner travel


The path ends

I was the first who did not believe what it was revealed to me on my way. Nevertheless, dear young people I can shout it now: it is true!
Entering the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity transforms. Constancy and patience in the prayer is required, but then the prize is big!

Join us

A splendid walk is ending

The way I still have to cover is long, but it does not matter! It is enough for me to know where I will land: I will finally rest in peace in Jesus' and Mary's heart. To take part of this great family is like being at the same time in the heart of everyone in the unique and great very sweet heart!

I feel joined to the Pope, to the Bishops, to the Angels, to the Saints. I have never felt this! We are the mystical body!
God gives, young people, some gifts to the world, some diseases such as the depression that are pearls to take advantage of.
The future is up to us, but it depends closely on the present! It is unavoidable.

Let's take the opportunities at our disposal. Let's sing, dance, study, work, listen to, and learn only for Him!
Let's do not disperse: on the contrary let's join our forces in order to transform the world! We could be a river in flood sweeping up all evil things and leaving fertile land where little flowers, never seen before, will sprout and inebriate with their scent.

Scent smelling of firmness, of decision, of stubbornness but also of spontaneity, of joy. What a garden it would be.

However first of all for honesty towards both God and us we must work on ourselves and break the CHAINS preventing us to fly on eagle wings. Then we will take flight strong in FAITH and ROOTED only in His force! Free to be ourselves.

I was revealed all this for Divine grace and now I SHOUT it as strongly as I can to all you who are reading: listen to my SHOUT".

We renew the invitation

If your heart is eager to do something for your brothers and sisters who are gripped by suffering or loneliness, you can earnestly plead with the Lord. Prayer is one of the highest forms of charity..

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If you wish to accept Jesus' invitation, or simply want to try praying from your home, click here and you will find many wonderful brothers willing to join spiritually in a great and heartfelt prayer of intercession.

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