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In the program I settle every day I enclose several different activities, so that the rhythm of my work is not too much heavy.
I never forget the prayer.

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Managing my time

Thursday 8 I demonstrate to myself in this way that I can not only have wishes and realise what I wish, but also that I can keep a program, an engagement I have established: "I manage my time. freely i am the manager of my time! nobody else is in my place!".
"I just pay attention to the time I should perform a certain task, according to my plans, I am not interested in the result. When the given time has expired I change my task.
"This exercise teaches me to estimate the time required that differs for each thing: if I am wrong in settling a time I will do better next time! In this way I also learn what is essential to do and when on the contrary I can look for perfection".
"In the future when on work or in the family something unexpected happens I will be able to estimate the time I will require to answer the requests without being late and without being in panic because of my mental outlines! I will also have the occasion; I will be allowed to do things in a perfect way".

"Starting from today angela is a new woman!".
"Living not vegetating"; managing my feelings and my time! Not living of sensations (as I have done till now) driven by them like a cane shook by the wind, but of feelings!

Monday 12 th
According to my teacher, "if I begin to release energy without using it to turn back or to do whatever trifle, when I start to work again, I can still cultivate my interests (for example computer or reading) in the evening. If I learn to use my energies in the best way (right weight to things) I will not come back from work as tired as before. It is just enough not to be afraid!".

In this week I try not to go too fast not to be too anxious; I do the things without stressing myself, I train to know what it is really useful. I must not cultivate mental paradoxes. The acquired things are over. "Today it is important to go on starting from what the others already have done without pretending to scan everything minimally!".

To go up every day at the hour planned in the daily program; to train the body progressively to afford every day hard work; to gradually increase the studying hours (1 hour, 2 hours and so on...). To verify if I can handle and file names without breathlessness, without panic.
"So I will realise that I am able to do everything with calm and this will be my behaviour in all fields and nothing will seem impossible to me as it was before".

"Doing all this quietly only for myself".
However going on to integrate the study with the other interests during the day: reading, "ciclette", housekeeping, computer, cooking, etc. the prayer always!
"From today therefore I work on my capability of freely wishing and freely enjoying, as I have recovered!!!".

"Ifeelings subject is only temporary suspended: The little tree is tender now and it cannot afford the stress given by commotion and throbbing of the heart. When I have full esteem of myself again and all chains are broken, I will be ready to open my heart to more or just one person is worth! I must firstly learn not to make blunders!".