Inner travel



Through the words of my teacher I learn new languages every day. They enlighten and spur me in my way: ... "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO WIN THE GLOBAL BATTLE, THE LIFE’S ONE! It is not so important to win the battle, but rather TO WIN the WAR".

Join us

The street of the abandonment

Together we will succeed: God, the others and me... After the personal experience, here is the way of the relief.
"We are "The result "of several characteristics which are not to be considered alone. I can be a good scientist or a good university professor and an unhappy being: serenity, joy, hope, confidence is worthier! Quality of life does not depend on the economical status!".

"What does it mean to win the global battle? If I have more merits than defects I win. If the defects prevail I detest myself!".
"The same is for what I can do: It is better to be able to do different things. Through the knowledge i can do more and this is my value, not to specialise myself in a single aspect!".

"Faith gives hope: nothing is oppressing me because I know that it is only a question of time! Faith is the greatest and most beautiful thing thought by God: it removes the oppression from the heart and creates allies!".
"Human being cannot avoid faith because from it he draws and feeds his courage!!! It is worthless who is facing him, even if it is an army".

"Starting from now I put in God’s hands what I do (relief) and therefore being afraid is absurd! I want to act alone whereas we win together: god plus the others plus I!".
Now more than never I acknowledge myself in the following words of the book “A look on the soul” at page 81: "Relying is not easy, because you must have love and confidence. They often waver in difficult situations, when the doubt surfaces again in the human mind and a depression shakes deeply. Then human nature prevails and shouts its FEAR; it knows that it can nothing alone and looks anxiously that time goes over; in the meantime the spirit sinks in darkness." In this painful time you must take refuge into his arms. It is an impulse defeating human, dominating the events, giving peace of mind to accept the daily events!.

Messages of comfort of my teacher in my hopeless moments:
"Hope is the force of faith, fight with courage as you are not alone! You are strong even if you do not know it yet. You will experience the power of God. Be in peace!".

A formation of Angels beside you
My teacher spurs me with the following words: "I have broken some presuppositions, some chains: I have a more mature mind now! I have realised some of my aspects I did not know before!".
"I go to work without judging, I am neither in nor out, as I was watching out of the window! I heartily do what I have to do with honesty without envies taking into consideration the others. I am not interested in the actions of my colleagues, in what they say, if they have more customers than me, if they are faster or more intelligent, if they know more things than me, etc: I do what I can do honestly!". Their relationship has surely changed in the meantime!
I am depending on nothing. I know what my forces are: however I will succeed because I have a celestial formation beside me. I am worth for what i am worth: more self-esteem, less pride!
"I pray and I keep a piece of time (particularly in the week-end) for reading, the computer and for dedicating myself to my job, learning one thing at a time, all what I really need: It is not hard work what is not considered heavy!".

Tuesday 20 th
I start working again "If I truly have the inner desire to help the others I will ask my Angel (as it is always beside me) to help me to give the right answer, to enlighten me!".
Although I refuse the hard work, the desire of redeeming entered me strongly.
Starting from now nothing will hurt me, I will act plainly!
"This is the true peace of the heart: act plainly, without depression or exaltation!"
Although the great effort to manage with a work suddenly left three months ago, with so many things that my pride cannot accept, I am able to go on because I certainly know that there is this formation beside me and I rely on it: when everything seemed to collapse I have perceived their support even if I have not invoked them!