Sanctuary of Oropa



In 1620 Anna Lavezzini is tormented and possessed by the devil. On the day of the first coronation of the Sacred Statue of Oropa and the presence of fifty thousand people, after many shouts and screams, Anna Lavezzini remains free forever.

Possessed delivered to the Sanctuary

In 1622 John Bigatto possessed was brought before the Virgin of Oropa and achieved complete liberation.

In 1650 Angela Mendoza Catherine was suffering from demonic obsessions by eight years. Refractory to multiple exorcisms was conducted in front of the shrine and here, after vomiting several objects, obtained a complete cure.

For three years the evil spirits tormenting Clara Ottino. Then, in 1652, was taken to the Sanctuary of Monte d'Oropa and here, after many exorcisms, he obtained his release.

In 1771 Catherine Reiner was conducted in Oropa to be exorcised by Domenico Carlotti. Priest says this: "When I approached the obsessed... began to tremble and scream... it took the strength of four of his relatives to stop her...

I did move to questions the number of demons... and I had revealed their names: Angelbel the first, the second youth, and the third Nicol. Exorcism continued until late evening when the obsessive burst into a high scream and thought she was freed.

The next day I called the woman who told him to be good, but during the recitation of the Rosary before the Lady breaks the rosary and furiously threw it against the altar. Thus assured that misery was not yet free from the demons included questions. The third day there followed anything...

The fourth day the demons strove to harass the poor woman extraordinarily to the neither point that he had no voice to speak,nor strength to stand. I continued to exorcise it for several hours. Then I let her in front of the Lady Chapel and made various prayers of intercession to the Great Mother with the command of the evil spirits out of that body.

The obsessive who was holding a crucifix in my command, I took the crucifix, though it is closely bound, and threw him with great impetus directly to Our Lady, and reached the crystal, which was before the statue, lost all movement, and dismissed as invisible force fell upon the altar without the slightest damage, when the order was no doubt natural that smashing the glass.

This done he began to utter dreadful injuries against the Virgin, and do untold efforts to leap at her. Forced to drink the holy water And began to reject the mouth into the cup two flies. And another somewhat larger than the first.

As soon as the woman had vomited those flies, you immediately feel relieved and said.


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