Sanctuary of Oropa


Prayer to the Virgin

Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!.

My dear Mama Celeste

Dearest Mama Celeste,
that you would like to come in the mountains of Oropa
better to be close to us, welcome us into your home
and is' that we bring into our homes
the scent of your virtues.

We need to take refuge in your arms
per ritrovare il coraggio della fede,
to find the courage of faith.
to feel the heat of Your Love.

We need your caresses
can dissolve
the hardness of our hearts.
May our lips pronounce
your sweet Name: Mother?.

So who listens to my troubles, my joys,
my disappointments and my hopes?
Take me by the hand and lead me
the ways of the world and take me to the end
on the Heart of Your beloved Son.

It stays in my heart and I shall not grieve.
I offer you my all.
Accept this offer and stay with me forever.

Prayer from the Book: "In the Footsteps of the Master"


Prayer to be recited every day of the Novena

O Immaculate and Blessed Virgin Mother of God and men, the sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth, winner of Satan and of all heresies, treasurer and dispenser of heavenly grace - Maria -. You, providing that one of your most precious and venerated and miracle-working image was placed on the mount of Oropa, have given the people Biella sure pledge of your singular protection.
Therefore we, your children privileged to bow down before your holy statue bless and thank you for such a gift that we do and the countless spiritual and temporal benefits that through it versatile over our fathers and upon us and with all the affection it is capable of our heart, hating us our sins honestly and proposing to live and die in the love of your Divine Son and our Redeemer Jesus, and in your love, we recognize as our special patroness and protectors to thee we consecrate ourselves entirely.
So full of confidence will be heard, we implore you to continue to multiply in our favor the miracles and graces of your heart that God made powerful. O glorious and benign Our Mother, Queen and Patron!
Welcomes under your coat, help, guide, defend, save us. We are your children, your beloved, to you presented and recommended by S. Eusebio, our father in faith, who has taken so many centuries under his protection.
And we will not ever cease to love you. To invoke and praise, powerful and compassionate Queen of S. Monte di Oropa.

We take refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God in our need listens to our prayers and deliver us always from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin! Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

First day

O Lady of Oropa, our Patron, bless, direct, comfort and console our Holy Father, Vicar on earth of your Divine Son Jesus, and he is our bishop.
Get our priests and all persons called to the religious state of grace to correspond to their vocation and work great good to the glory of God and salvation of souls. Be Thou their comfort, the defense against the wiles of Satan and the wicked, their comfort in effort and pain.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Two

O Virgin of Oropa, our Patron, we ask your blessing upon all persons who take care of legitimate authorities in civil and economic well-being of our people, as well as over our country, our industries, our businesses and our works and activities for civil and economic order that all feel the considerable effectiveness of your advocacy.
And so, by the multitude and the grace that You scatter also order materials, are increasingly heightened our faith in God, devotion to the Catholic religion, and trust in you, and the desire to show us your worthy children.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Three

O Madonna of Oropa, our patroness, watch over our loving families so they always reigned in virtue, peace and the fear of God.
Blessed Virgin we recommend you do the families of your devotees so often plagued by difficulties and disappointments, threatened by many hardships and dangers.
Helps parents to know how to respond with dignity to their noble tasks, guide their children to grow in the Christian virtues. Get all willpower, courageous commitment, honesty, conscientious fidelity to the Christian duties and civilians.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Four

O Madonna of Oropa, our Patron, turn your gaze on the mother's children and young people. Please because children are loved and can grow up healthy in body and spirit. We pray for children who face the life that they may be supported and encouraged to overcome their growing pains. We pray for all young people, because they are honest, faithful, and unselfish love and commit their youth to a more fraternal society.
Illumine and bless those struggling for Christian educators so that they grow fervent in faith, pure in morals, strong and holy in purpose.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Five

O Madonna of Oropa, our Patron, turn your motherly gaze of adults and the elderly.
We pray for the adults, married and unmarried, because they are open to their brothers and feel alive their responsibilities in the area they occupy in society. We pray for those who are advanced in years, because to be old in spirit and bring their expertise to others. We pray for all, young adults and elderly, let us continually renewed by the grace of God and also try to be helpful and happy.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Six

O Madonna of Oropa, our Patron, pleases now to the sick, the proven.
See how many unhappy suffering in body and soul raise their hands to you suppliants. Ah! Show everyone what you are: comforter of the afflicted and health of the sick!
Heal from their ills, liberals from their troubles, or at least gives everyone strength, courage, faith and hope that the crosses will be changed into joy everlasting.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Seven

O Madonna of Oropa, our Patron! At this moment our fervent prayer is for our brothers misled and sinners.
Ah! For the love that leads to Jesus that you keep on your arm, enlighten their minds, you win the hardness of their hearts, to obtain all repentance, forgiveness and repentance, especially those more we are obliged to love, and those who have more need of your mercy.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Day Eight

Blessed Virgin of Oropa, your motherly goodness also recommend those of our loved ones who preceded avendoci the path of eternity, still await us in the trials purify the time of entry into the joy of heaven.
For those dear souls into your hands we place our prayers, so that, strengthened by your intercession, both made by you to the throne of God and they hasten to the desired release and possession of Paradise.
And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Ninth day

Virgin of Oropa, our patron, we will recommend your heart shrine, monument of Thy goodness and power, the center of attraction for the believing heart, the throne of your favor, holy place where you praised and prayed to our ancestors and where we seek greater confidence your blessings and sing thy praise with more momentum.
Whether it ever more worthy of you, not only for the splendor and magnificence of the buildings, but even more for the holy zeal of his priests and the spirit of devotion of the faithful.
Please address your look benign breast on your devotees, near or far from your sanctuary, you elevate trusting their hearts and call your protection. See their spiritual and temporal andfrom their assistance, help and it comforts. And I get this grace I need...
3 Hail Mary. Queen of the Monte di Oropa, pray for us!

Act of entrustment to Mary

O Mary, Virgin and powerful Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart. We consecrate our being and our whole life, everything we are. Your are our bodies, our hearts, our souls, our homes, our families. We want all that is within us and around us belongs to you and are a partaker of thy maternal blessing.
And that this consecration is truly effective and lasting, we renew today at your feet, O Mary, the promises of Baptism and Confirmation. We are committed to confess with courage and always the virtue of faith, to live as true Catholics. We pledge to observe the commandments of God and the Church, and especially the sanctification of the festivities. We are committed to enter into our lives, as there will be possible, the Holy Communion.
We promise finally to ensure - through the love of your Immaculate Heart - the domain of the adorable Heart of your Son Jesus in our souls and in our families, so on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.


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