Sanctuary of Oropa


A Book for Our Lady

Report graces attributed to the intercession of Our Lady of Oropa, aims to strengthen, build faith in love, goodness and mercy of God, who deigns to manifest His power through His Son Jesus, and through Mother of her Son and her maid, Mary.

A testimony for Maria

A collection to remember that Jesus even today, when he meets the true and deep faith, listen to Mary's intercession for us and hears us, repeating the marvels, like the wedding at Cana.

You want to remember the "Thank You" attributed to Our Lady of Oropa not expected to create illusory, empty claims or a supposed right to obtain grace, but the knowledge that Jesus desires to continue to operate, in particular, through the intercession of Mary.

In other sections of the Web Site have been reported miracles through the intercession of Our Lady of Oropa and legally recognized by the Ecclesiastical after the formal process. Like the inexplicable healings, conversions and the many wonders. You must remember that a generation that remembers its past is a generation without a future.

Now, we ask your help to write a new book, to understand how to work the Madonna today. So if you received the favors, healing, conversion, liberation, or just an emotion that has emerged from the heart because it aroused by Madonna, write it in the form below.

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Act of consecration to Mary.

O Mary, Virgin most powerful Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart. We dedicate our being and our whole life, everything we are. Your are our bodies, our hearts, our souls, our homes, our families. We want all that is within us and around us will be owned and participle blessings of your mother.
And that this consecration is truly effective and lasting, we renew today at your feet, O Mary, the promises of baptism and confirmation. We are committed to confess with courage and always the virtue of faith, to live as true Catholics.
We pledged to keep the commandments of God and the Church, and especially the holiness of the festivals. We are committed to enter into our lives, as there will be possible, the Holy Communion.
Finally, we promise to ensure, by the love of your Immaculate Heart, the domain of the adorable Heart of your Son Jesus in our hearts and in our families, on earth as it is in Heaven.


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