Sanctuary of Oropa


Virgin Mary

This is a book about feelings. Dedicated to those who have made a request for healing, help, intercession, conversion and had a response from you, Queen of Heaven.


I am very excited because since the effigy of the Holy Virgin of Oropa arrived to my house, she has worked miracles. My aunt Margherita was diagnosed, after many specialist tests, with chronic renal failure due to arterial hypertension, diabetes and even gastritis. Today she went to the hospital for further analysis and treatment. She was very surprised when they told her that she was completely healed. Completely healthy kidney, cholesterol, triglycerides, all normal sugar. To conclude, the doctor said: She is the healthiest 79-year-old lady in the world.
. Elsa Peru

You've heard them happy and now wish to express their joy through the thanksgiving for favors received. Thanks to you the Black Madonna "Our Lady of Oropa".

Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary I successfully overcame a particular surgery. Lady of Oropa be always close to me and my family and protect us.
. Federico October 29, 2011

After the medical tests I discovered a serious problem in the intestines. I was so distressed that I turned with devotion to the Virgin Mary. After reciting the Novena to Our Lady of Oropa and thanks to his intercession with God, I found I was looking for health. Have not yet healed completely, but I can already get out of my house.
. José June 24, 2011 - Mexico

Only recently I heard of "Our Lady of Oropa" and I cannot describe the sweet and sacred peace that has descended upon me.
. Johnathan - Tennessee U.S.A

In adversity is good to invoke the Virgin of Oropa because you, who is the Mother of God, and appeals to his heart, anything can get. She is our mother, is so good to answer our requests, as an inexhaustible source. And we should have faith, trust and expectations, then you may renew miracles and wonders have taken place in this glorious sanctuary, one of the most important in Italy.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary,
burning with goodness,
shows your love for us.
The flame of your heart, O Mary,
falls on all men.

We love you so much.
Impress on our hearts true love
so as to have a constant desire

O Marai, meek and humble of heart,
remembers us
when we sin.
You know that all men sin.

Give us,
by means of Your Immaculate Heart
spiritual health.
It 'more and we can look
the goodness of your motherly Heart
and we convert
by flame
of Your Heart. Amen.


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