Sanctuary of Oropa



In 1621 the writer Bonfini specific: "Being besieged Biella, appeared to defend the Blessed Virgin and St. Stephen, patron of the city."

Apparitions of the Virgin of Oropa

In 1620 a nun said Anna Ludovica lady was serious infirmity in the monastery of Saint Catherine in Biella. On 26 July, the feast of Saint Anna, after the Holy Communion notified his confessor Father and the Mother Abbess of the Monastery which had appeared in his cell and in great splendor Dame two of immense majesty, was the youngest in her arms a beautiful baby. The elder said: "I am Anna, Mother of the great Mother of the Son of God and what you see is my daughter, Mary, who created the One Son of the Eternal Father, and so do you know that you must pass, as the Crown, that they are doing to my Daughter and Mother of God in the Mount of Oropa to her and her son is very sweet and grateful to accept .. and sign, which you say is Indeed, from this life on the seventh day of your illness and adds the crowning follow the last Sunday of August. “And so it happened. The body of the nun who was brought in 1920 in Oropa chapel and buried in the Tomb, on the first floor, near the Church.

Henry Gamarra being in bed abandoned by doctors and believed dead, in a dream saw the Holy Virgin of Oropa and healed him. So woke up free from all evil.

The Priest Callabiaca, was suffering from fever with no hope of recovery. In that state asked the Madonna Oropa to cure and you replied assuring Grace. Immediately awoke completely healthy.

In 1623 William Pera who was mute since birth sees a woman of extraordinary beauty who tells him: "Go from your uncle and tell him that you read with the office of Madonna, and then back here." Recited prayers went with his uncle at the place of appearance, the Virgin appears that says: "Why do not you go to my sanctuary of Oropa to break the vote that you did? Go to Oropa and faithfully fulfill your promise!" William came to Oropa saw that the Virgin said: "I command you to say to my people to sanctify that brings in the future, rather than in the past, the day of the Lord ..." Then disappeared and William recovered the floor.

In 1642 Nicholas Siletto suffering from serious illness and abandoned by the doctors, the Virgin appeared to him that Oropa reassured about his recovery. The vision disappeared immediately feel better and the story to her confessor Father Todesco, Dominican. The day after was completely healed and could go to Oropa to thank the Madonna.

In 1658 Anna Margaret Vera saw in a dream, for eight days, the Madonna of Oropa and got complete healing, the witness also his brother, John the Baptist Parish.

Charles Anthony Brignone being in bed with fever had the highest vote in the Madonna of Oropa, right way appeared and healed him. So he went to give thanks to Oropa.

In 1674 the nuns of the Convent Etienne Brunet Saint Catherine of Aosta, being sick to death, he saw the night included the Holy Virgin of Oropa and feel you put your hand on the head. At the same time remained free from all evil and regained health. The treating physician testified as a supernatural miracle.

In 1675 Bartholomew Vigna was in bed with extreme pain. Our Lady appeared to Oropa who asked him if wanted to be freed. The patient responded to make the pain more bearable. Then the Holy Virgin said: "Have faith, son, you're free." It disappeared. At the same time Bartholomew recover health.

Sebastian Perez in 1681 was sentenced to death and pending the ruling was imprisoned in the tower of the castle Gaone at Seville. For his survival he decided to throw himself down from the tower, while he was falling and saw the Virgin of Oropa that accompanied him to the ground. Where he found himself in the foot without any wound.

In 16832 Captain John Savia lying motionless on the bed and heard a woman who told him: "Levati up, you did not harm anyone." Rose from the bed and she felt healed.

In 1813 Paul Cimma was battle appeared to the Virgin of Oropa who told him not to worry. Thus saved his life.

Catherine Rolla was blind, forgetful, and lying on the bed for a badly torn that. Mary appeared in a dream and said, "Come in my sanctuary of Oropa; you are happy ..." Transported with difficulty to Oropa of the Exaltation the Feast of the Holy Cross, and placed in front of the infirmity Sacellum heard the words of Mama Celeste: "Get up and walk." So he obtained a full recovery. Documents relating el'attestato that the doctor was being treated are located at the Sanctuary of Oropa. This was the year 1877.


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