Goodbye Holy Mother of God

Goodbye Holy Mother of God

Goodbye Holy Mother of God
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Our Lady of Oropa.

O Dearest Heavenly Mother who didst come to Oropa since the dawn of Christianity through your beloved Servant San Eusebio, we visited, the pages, your beautiful sanctuary.

We have seen how your loving protection has been articulated through the centuries, fed into a moving and growing like sweet dew upon individual believers, but also on people on the city, stopping even cataclysms and infection. You did not make the difference between the poor, possessed or royalty. You have accepted all of your loving arms I'm here to tell us.

Humanity is ravaged by war, in the flesh bitten from the pain, I begged, I pleaded, I was especially welcomed in his heart because he was aware that with your coming ports, to fill my heart with love, even your Son divine.

As we saw in part, why no book could contain abundant your work, you've changed the laws of nature, you surprised, you're surprised with graces and miracles were tangible signs of your presence. You did yesterday, but also expected to do so today despite our rationality and lack of faith.

Your hands are full of little gifts that you and ask you to do is to cry. How can you doubt your power? You who in Cana to Jesus, you said: "They have no wine. And Jesus said, what have I to do with you or a woman? Has not yet come to my time. The mother tells the servants: Do whatever he tells you." Jesus hears your request the first of his miracles, revealed his glory and his disciples gave him. Yes, Jesus cannot resist loving to your requests.

Run to your presence. Purify our hearts from the sins that make us unworthy, and raise you, the Handmaid of the Lord, prayers confident, humble, full of love and joy you poured your favorites. They can be healing or events that exceed the ordinary laws, but still there is a change of heart.

We hail you, thank you for your gentle presence among us, for your prayers and maternal care. Aware, O Mary, we need you.

It's really blessed, or the Blessed Virgin, the one on which they alight your eyes.


O O Mary, Mother of my sweet, sweet haven
sinners, I beg for my pain that
try it in assisting the death of your Son in
cross, help me with Thy mercy when the
My soul will leave this world. Out
I have enemies in hell, you come to take the
my soul and to present it to Judge Lord.

My queen, I will not quit. May you, after
Jesus, my consolation in that terrible moment.
Please give me your son for your kindness,
die at your feet and embraced the spirit
My soul into his wounds, saying: "Jesus and
Mary, I give you my heart and my soul".

The facts we have narrated the history of the Shrine, miracles and all the documents in the sanctuary or in the Diocese of Biella. For those who want to deepen, there are two books that deal with these topics in depth. The first volume is titled "Thank you and miracles of Our Lady of Oropa" of Can. Basil Buscaglia, the second volume is "Oropa and S. Eusebio" by P. Emanuele M. Scaltriti.

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